3 Days Only: Save 80% on Great Books of the Western World

The Great Books of the Western World

Preorder Great Books of the Western World before Thursday, October 22 to get 80% off the regular price—that’s $400 in savings!

In a lifetime of reading, you could barely put a dent in the ever-growing list of the world’s books. But with the right tools, you can see the Western world’s biggest ideas through the lens of history’s most significant books—instantly.

Great Books of the Western World assembles 517 of the most influential literary works in the Western world. Coupled with Noet or Logos Bible Software, you can search all of these works at once to find out how these works have changed the way we think today. From Homer to Hemingway, Aquinas to Nietzsche, and Galileo to Einstein, history’s classic conversations now continue in your digital library.

What truly sets apart this prestigious 60-volume work is the Syntopicon—a two-volume index of the 102 major ideas that define the Western canon. Representing 10 years of research, this pivotal reference work introduces 102 major ideas and identifies every discussion of those ideas throughout the Great Books.

The 1,899 pages of the Syntopicon dig through 35,865 pages spanning over 2,700 years of literature. For reliable, scholarly research, it doesn’t get better than that. Explore what some of the most prominent writers in history have said about good and evil, life and death, religion, sin, nature, and more.

Right now, you can preorder this massive collection for just $99.99.  On October 22, the price will go up to $199.99—60% off the regular price. As always with Pre-Pub, the sooner you preorder, the more you save.

Reserve your copy today.


  1. says

    This is a must have collection for those who desire to taste world class literature from a wide range of disciplines. From Plato-Kierkegaard Augustin, Aquinas, Calvin and many more. This is the collection of all collection.

  2. Keith Lovelady says

    I’ve been asking for this set of books that Britannica had on the “Great Books Of The Western World”, when I first had heard that Logos or Noet was coming out with the full Britannica Encyclopedia set.

    Plus, I would also like to see Logos come out with the Britannica set of “The Annals of America”. I hope so.

    I have all three of these in book form: Britannica Encyclopedia set, Great Books Of The Western World, and The Annals Of America, all of which are fantastic recourses to have, but will even be much greater through the Logos Bible Software.


    • Keith Lovelady says

      When I said Book form in my main post, I did mean to say that I have all three of the above mentioned Book sets in hardbound book form.

      • Keith Lovelady says

        I recently ordered the Logos digital Britannica Encyclopedia set for $99.00 when it was available on Prepub. I also just purchased this new Britannica Set of Great Books Of The Western World, while it too was on Prepub order for $99.00.

        This is a great price through Logos when compared to actually having to purchasing these Britannica’s hardbound books sets from Britannica themselves.

  3. Fredric Einstein says

    I had the older version of the Great Books set (the one with 53 volumes I believe). It’s great to be able to purchase this new version on PrePub for only $99.

    I would like to point out that the Great Books series didn’t really offer the best translations or the best annotations of the works. If you’re really going to study a work in depth, you’re better off purchasing or “searching out” a more “modern” version.

    For example….
    I am currently trying to read the complete work “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” by Gibbon. The text offered in the Great Books collection is poorly annotated and I get totally lost in trying to read it.

    In contrast, the “Penguin Classics” version of this work has little comments and annotations spread over the text that summarize and give a “time” perspective to the text (for example, the annotation tells us that such-and-such and event occurred at this date on the Gregorian calendar).

    Using the Penguin Classics version, I can keep track of where I am and quickly review what I’ve read by scanning the annotations.

    My experience was that for many historical or mathematical texts in the collection, you’ll want to study them from a better edition. For fiction, the versions in the Great Books are fine (for example “War and Peace” and “The Brothers Karamazov”).

  4. says

    Hi Robert. The project is now fully funded and going into production, but we don't have an estimate for when it will be completed yet. The product page will be updated with a release date as soon as we have one. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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