Start Next Now: How to Get the Life You’ve Always Wanted

Start Next Now
What do you want your life to look like five years from now? If it’s not the life you have right now, something obviously needs to change between now and then. But the changes you want aren’t going to “just happen.” Bob Pritchett’s new book, Start Next Now teaches you how to start making those changes now—so you can actually reach your goals later.

Bob’s book helps you identify your goals and determine the current projection of your life—so you can see if you’re moving in the right direction. Is the job you have now a step towards the job you want later? Is the company you work for capable of paying you what you’d eventually like to be paid? Is the experience you’re gaining right now going to drive you closer to your goals?

Start making changes today

As Bob helps you examine your life in the context of your goals, he also shows you how to draw from the experience of others—without asking the same tired questions everyone has already asked. It’s the same way he’s always encouraged interns to approach their experience with Faithlife—soak it all in, and learn as much as you can from those around you. Not every boss is open to questions like this though, and Bob believes that if you’re serious about your goals, you need to respond to those learning barriers.

Learn from the success of others

Start Next Now coverTo help you get started, the book’s website will include Bob’s interviews with other professionals who have taken the initiative to chase their goals. It’s part of the way Start Next Now is redefining what we call a book: layers of content and diverse media all work together to communicate the book’s message and give you the tools you need to make your goals a reality.

This isn’t inspirational puffery from a life coach: it’s blunt, funny, practical advice on how to get ahead from a successful entrepreneur. Dan Price, founder and CEO of Gravity Payments, says, “In Start Next Now, Bob Pritchett provides an incredibly efficient way to discover specific, practical steps to advance yourself professionally, personally, and spiritually. He also explains one of my passions, which is the relationship between compensation, happiness, and meaningful work, and how to find the right balance.”

Get ready for what’s next

It’s great to talk about making changes. But to actually reach your goals, you still have to actually make those changes. The digital version of Start Next Now includes a personalized action plan and the tools you need to start your next now.

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  1. Marvin Ball says

    From the perspective of a business manager, business consultant (hired to turn troubled companies around), college teacher, and Bible teacher:

    If this book is as good as “Fire Someone Today” . . . it will be well worth the time.

    This advance notice does not indicate the price of the book.

    More important, it does not indicate explicitly that this book will be published as a Logos book.

    Grace and Peace

  2. David Breen says

    The book may tell me how I can get the life I want but the blog doesn’t tell me what kind of book I’l get – electronic in Logos or paper – how much I will have to pay or where it will come from. It doesn’t tell me how it will be delivered and if there will be a charge. It only asks me to sign up to get it. More information please.

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Hi David. The book is being published in print and digital. We want people to sign up to hear about the book because Bob wants to give people a unique reading experience that involves print, digital, and web-based content.

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