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Through September 30, you can add Mentor Commentary: Amos to your library for free. For $1.99, you can also add Mentor Commentary: Joel & Obadiah.

The book of Amos is full of wordplays, double entendres, pictorial visions, and direct statements of fact and judgment. In this commentary, Dr. Gary V. Smith addresses the historical, stylistic, and interpretative aspects of Amos—not just what is written, but also how and why the prophecies are recorded. To do this, Smith divides each of his chapters into:

  • Important textual and philological questions
  • Background study on the literary traditions and forms of speech employed
  • Rhetorical markers of structure that unite paragraphs or larger units
  • Exegetical issues of interpretation
  • Main theological themes within each unit

Each chapter ends with Dr. Smith drawing together the interpretative threads arising from the passage. Whether you want to get the basics or study Amos in depth, this volume of the Mentor Commentary Series has what you need.

Amos contains powerful imagery like this:

Amos 5:23–24

And this:

Amos 3:8

Dr. Gary Smith can help you unpack the imagery of Amos and see these passages the way scholars do.

Old Testament scholar Tremper Longman III says, “Smith has produced a magisterial treatment of the book of Amos.”

Add Mentor Commentary: Amos to your library today. Or, get two commentaries for $1.99!

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