The Unseen Realm by Dr. Michael Heiser: Available September 1

The Unseen Realm

Dr. Michael Heiser, an expert in the ancient near east with a PhD in Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages, has written on and researched the supernatural world for over fifteen years. The Unseen Realm is the culmination of that research.

Discover God’s hidden world

Dr. Heiser seeks to help readers view the biblical text through the same lens as the ancient readers and writers of Scripture. Their ancient perspective engages fully with the supernatural world in a way that our modern theological systems do not.

The Unseen Realm is set to release on September 1—learn more about how you can pre-order this book from Logos, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble here.

What are scholars saying?

Leading scholars are raving about the insights found in The Unseen Realm. Darrell Bock, Tremper Longman III, and many others have already shared their thoughts on this important book.

Watch this video to hear what they’re saying:

Discover what it means to read the Bible in an ancient Hebrew context—just as the biblical authors intended!

Pre-order the The Unseen Realm today!


  1. Al Sosa says

    After reading a bit of what Dr. Heiser is writing about, there may be many that seems to think that this is a pioneering work. And indeed it is. Dr. Heiser is a charismatic writer and he does explain well his research. But if I may, the unseen realm of the supernatural is very common environment among those who believe in the present power of the Holy Spirit. We Pentecostals not only believe in the supernatural realm of the spirit, but also experience it. So, what is for one a pioneering work, for others is a everyday experience. Personally, I have experienced it in my Christian walk with the Lord. Either way, I will purchase this book because Dr. Heiser happens to be one of my favorite authors who describes my spiritual experience in an articulated and theological vernacular. In fact, I may use it as an apologetic tool.

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Hi Al. I’m glad you enjoy Dr. Heiser’s work. I’m a little over 200 pages into The Unseen Realm, and based on your comment, I think you will be pleasantly surprised to discover new layers to your understanding of the spiritual world. The book does not actually focus on the Holy Spirit (though I believe that surfaces more towards the end). The majority of the book focuses on illuminating God’s divine council, which was present at creation and throughout much of the Bible in ways we tend to gloss over or not notice (largely due to us not being fluent in Hebrew). Heiser shows how many verses which out of context appear to be anomalies are actually part of a larger spiritual system which the ancient Hebrews were very familiar with. One of the biggest things I’ve taken away so far is that behind so much of the Old Testament, there is a spiritual layer I was not aware of because I didn’t understand the role of God’s divine council.

      I hope you enjoy The Unseen Realm as much as you’ve enjoyed Heiser’s previous work.

  2. Mike M says

    When will the actual book be shipped? I have pre-ordered it but cannot find an actual publishing date anywhere. Thanks!

    • Ryan Nelson says

      The book shipped on September 1, so if you preordered it, you should already have it. Did you order it in print, or digital?

      • Mike M says

        I pre-ordered a hard cover copy on 9/19, but Amazon said that it is not available yet and will notify me when it is finally published. FYI, I found another site that claims the book won’t be published until Nov. 1.

        • Ryan Nelson says

          The Unseen Realm was released on September 1, so you couldn’t have preordered it on 9/19 . . . are you sure you ordered The Unseen Realm, not Supernatural, or another book? The Unseen Realm is temporarily out of stock on Amazon, and Supernatural releases in November (but isn’t available in hard cover).

          Just to clarify, here is The Unseen Realm on Amazon:

          Here is Supernatural:

          • Mike M says

            Ryan — Perhaps I misunderstood what Amazon meant by notifying me when it was available. But I did finally receive a notice that it had shipped on Oct. 8. Unfortunately, UPS botched the delivery somehow and I had to re-order it from another book seller. Prior to ordering it on Amazon, I searched for other possible places from which to order it but no one had it in stock or otherwise.

            But thank you for the kind help and the links. I appreciate it very much.



            I’ll let you how I enjoyed it. It’s due for delivery this time by mid-Oct.

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