Cultivating a Positive Work Place: Or, Why Kittens Came to Faithlife

Whatcom County Humane SocietyPart of Brittany Hackett’s role as executive assistant at Faithlife involves “periodically scheduling fun stuff.” That’s why earlier this month, employees were greeted at work by a dozen kittens. A small presentation room was dedicated to the playful visitors, and people could come play with the kittens throughout the day. It’s part of what we like to call “awesomeness”—one of Faithlife’s company values.

Bob Pritchett playing with kittens
Bob Pritchett says, “Awesome is a delightful surprise.” What could be more awesome than kittens?

Brittany coordinated with the Whatcom Humane Society to bring in kittens that were up for adoption, and when it was all said and done, two of them had new homes.

For Brittany, “fun stuff” encompasses far more than transforming presentation rooms into kitten play houses. While dietary restrictions make it tricky to plan events that everyone can enjoy, Brittany experiments with non-food-related fun, like roaming Lego stations that move around campus, campus-wide Easter egg hunts, or giving out tickets to the fair and other local events. This summer, employees also attended a local minor league baseball game. We’ve certainly taken the time to enjoy food together as well, celebrating National Doughnut Day, and setting up drop-in snack stations for coworkers to mingle.

Jen Lounsberry and kitten
Most of the kittens were too playful to be held for more than a few seconds.

These occasional expressions of “awesomeness” are one way employees experience the company values we try to exude to our customers. Awesomeness is what inspires us to spontaneously offer customers free gifts and it determines how we handle situations like the famous $40,000 mistake. It’s why we give away free books every month, and why we started producing a daily Christian TV show.

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