3 Essential Tools That Deliver Nourishment to Your Bible Study

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Aqueducts brought life-giving water to Rome from miles away. Without them, the cornerstone of the Roman empire would’ve collapsed from a lack of nourishment. Just as the stone aqueducts delivered nourishment to Roman citizens, Logos 6 supplies the tools you need to glean spiritual nourishment from your Bible study.  Save 15%, plus your additional ownership discount when you upgrade with the Logos 6 Feature Crossgrade. Hurry, these discounts disappear 11:59 pm (PT) August 31.

Supply your Bible study with rich tools and media

Building your relationship with Christ is an investment—done brick by brick over your entire life, through the study of Scripture. Logos is the brick and mortar—the structure of the aqueduct that drives Scripture’s nourishment to your relationship with Christ.

The Logos 6 Feature Crossgrade is a bridge—it takes you from any previous version of the software to Logos 6, complete with all of the tools and capabilities—without adding more books.

Here are three ways Logos 6 provides tools that deliver nourishment to your Bible study:

1. Connect with biblical culture

Anyone who has spent time reading the Bible has experienced concepts in scripture that are foreign to our own. Whether it be Old Testament sacrifices, worship style, marriage laws, or music, our ability to understand and comprehend their importance can shift the way we interpret and apply scripture to our own life. With the Cultural Concepts tool in Logos 6 you can link straight from Scripture to a Factbook entry on the underlying cultural concept.

2. Examine Scripture with the help of ancient texts

Related to understanding cultural concepts is understanding what the text meant to its original readers, which is important for us to understand how we should apply the text to our lives. The Ancient Literature tool in Logos 6 aggregates ancient texts related to the scripture passage into one place, allowing you to quickly understand how first century people would interpret the text.

3. Study textual differences between translations

Ever wonder why passages differ between Bible translations? With the Textual Variants tool you can analyze Scripture passages based on the ancient texts they were derived from. Get everything you need for textual-variant study, all in one place: see overviews of textual variants with textual commentaries, compare primary texts with modern Bible editions, study original manuscripts, and view scanned photos of original Bible texts.

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We created Feature Crossgrade with you in mind. It’s got all of the features, datasets, media, interactives, guides, and capabilities of Logos 6 Gold, but we’ve removed the additional books. That means huge savings for you and access to all the tools to deliver nourishment to your spiritual life.

Plus, you can make getting into Logos 6 even easier with a payment plan. With payment plans, you can spread the cost of the Feature Crossgrade over 12 months. Depending on your custom sale price you could own all of Logos 6’s tools for less than $50 a month (or less than $1.10 a day). Start using your new software right away—without paying the full amount up front.

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Get free training on Logos 6

If you have the right tool for the job, but you don’t know how to use it, it’s just as bad as not having it. So with your Logos 6 Feature Crossgrade you’ll get access to a free, live training webinar hosted by a Logos pro. Plus, if you attend you’ll also get a $25 coupon code to expand your library with any of our Feature Expansion Collections.

Crossover to the future of Bible study

Get early access to unreleased features, tools, and datasets  that ordinarily wouldn’t be available until the next software release, all for a low-cost monthly or annual subscription to Logos Now. 

With Logos Now you’ll get new features as we create them so you’ll always be on the forefront of Bible study. Plus, when you combine Logos Now with the Logos 6 Feature Crossgrade, you’ll save an additional 10% off an annual subscription to Logos Now. That means you’ll get your one-month free trial, and then get the equivalent of an additional month free with your subscription.

Bridge the gap to Logos 6 with the Feature Crossgrade, then cross over to the future of Bible study with Logos Now today!

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Interested building your library? You can always upgrade to a Logos 6 base package, or get additional base packages to bulk up your library. We’ve got a suite of theological libraries and when you upgrade before August 31, you’ll save 15%.


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    Is it possible to get access to a free, live training hosted by a Logos pro and the $25 coupon code for purchasing the Extended Crossgrade, which actually costs more?

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