Introducing Faithlife News

News plays a vital role in communities: it starts conversations, fosters empathy, promotes change and affects decision-making at the highest levels of organizations. Consequently, it becomes increasingly important for people to read widely and stay informed.

Faithlife recently launched Faithlife News, a service that aggregates and delivers the latest breaking Christian news from a variety of websites and blogs. Every fifteen minutes Faithlife News updates with stories from dozens of well-known publishers such as Christianity Today, The Gospel Herald, The Christian Post, World Magazine and many more. Our goal is to help people discover and share news that matters most to them.

7 ways to stay informed

1) Subscribe to daily emails

Enter your email to have the top 10 stories delivered to your inbox every day.

2) Follow on social media

Like Faithlife News on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

3) Bookmark

Check back daily for the latest headlines. Login with your Faithlife account to customize which channels are visible on your news dashboard.

4) Add the browser extension

Google Chrome users can install the Chrome Extension to see the most recent headlines each time a new browser tab is opened.

Add to Chrome

5) Enable in Logos desktop

To enable Faithlife News on the Home Screen of Logos Bible Software. 1) Open Logos on your computer 2) Make sure you are signed in 3) Click the settings wheel on the top right 4) Check the box next to ‘Faithlife News’. Now the latest headlines will appear on the home screen of your software. Visit the channels page to set your news preferences.

6) Download the WordPress plugin

It’s easy to add Faithlife News to your WordPress site. Download the WordPress plugin from the plugins directory and install it. Follow the instructions to add a news widget to any area of your site.
Faithlife News WordPress Widget

7) Add the RSS feed

Add this RSS feed to your favorite syndicator:


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  1. Charles Shallish says

    Why are not all news articles for faithlife News grouped together on the Logos home page? It would make it more efficent and easy to read especial if it updates every 15 minutes.

    • Ryan Nelson says

      That’s a great question, Charles. Your Logos home screen pulls from the RSS feed of every “blog” you add to it. This allows it to provide the most up-to-date posts as soon as they’re live, so you consistently see the newest information first. Verse of the Day and Faithlife Today have fixed slots which the most recent posts appear in, but you’ll notice that older episodes of Faithlife Today also appear throughout your home screen.

      Are you suggesting that Faithlife News has a unique section like this, but that it populates with more than one post at a time?

      We’ve felt that it was more relevant to Logos users for us to organize most information based on recency, so that the newest information is always the first thing you see.

      I would imagine that even if you have several blogs listed on your home screen, you will still see most Faithlife News articles grouped together, since they update so much more frequently.

      Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll pass it along to the Faithlife News team.

  2. says

    The plugin doesn’t update at all. It’s been a few months and the news have been the same throughout. Is this plugin still working?

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Hi Conan. I’m sorry the app isn’t updating. Thank you for sharing. As far as I know, there’s no one working on Faithlife News. We may make updates in the future and continue building on it, but at this time, there are no plans to.

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