Cross Over to Logos 6 with Feature Crossgrade

Logos 6 Feature CrossgradeBridges help humanity cross impassable valleys, unfordable rivers, and insurmountable mountains. They are landmarks of architecture, inspiration, ingenuity, and beauty. Humanity has been perfecting them for centuries and we continue to find new ways to innovate their function to enable faster, safer, and better transportation.

The history of the bridge began as early as 1500 BC with timber carved with ancient tools, placed across small rivers. They were capable of holding only a couple hundred pounds.

Knowledge changes everything

As we grew in our knowledge of architecture, so did our ability to build bridges. By the first century the Romans discovered the strength of building arches out of stone and fashioning aqueducts which allowed them to irrigate crops, increasing yield and profit; construct the first sewage system, clearing bacteria and disease away from town; and supply their ever-growing population with fresh water from miles away.

Over the next few centuries bridges became a staple for communication, health, prosperity, and power. They were essential to sustaining life in urban cities and the rural country side. Still today they remain an integral part of transportation.

Take your Bible study in a new direction

Innovation is one of the greatest gifts that God bestowed upon his creation. That innovation is alive and well at Faithlife. For 20 years we’ve been creating, designing, and engineering, the best Bible study tool the world’s ever seen. In October of last year, we launched the most advanced tool we’ve ever created.

Just as bridges have become essential to daily life and enhanced our ability to communicate, sustain health, and move from place to place quickly, Logos 6 is your bridge to delving deeper into God’s word, helping you to sustain your spiritual health, and saving you precious time.

Since Logos 6 launched in October, you may not have got the chance to explore all that it has to offer and seen how essential it is to serious Bible study. If you haven’t had the chance to check out Logos 6, now is the time. If you already own a Logos base package, you’ll get Dynamic Pricing, plus an additional 15% off when you upgrade to Logos 6.

Pay for new features, not new books

Want in on a little secret? A gold base package is not the only way to get all the features available. In fact, dare I say it? Logos 6 Gold may be the wrong fit for your Bible study needs. Maybe you’ve got a well-rounded library, and you don’t need more books (though we’d probably disagree). You just want the features. We understand. So we created a bridge.

Bridge the gap to Logos 6

Now you can get all of Logos 6’s features at a fraction of the price with the Feature Crossgrade. You won’t pay for more books, but you’ll get all the datasets, media, features, and Interactives that Logos 6 has to offer. Plus, since you already own a previous Logos base package, you’ll get 15% off and an additional discount for the tools you already own.

Keep your tools up-to-date

Looking to stay on top of the latest Bible study developments? Subscribe to Logos Now. It’s a low-cost monthly (or annual) subscription that gives you early access to new features, tools, and datasets that won’t be available to everyone else until the next software release.

Get new Logos features as we create them with Logos Now. Save 10% on an annual subscription to Logos Now when you combine it with the Feature Crossgrade.

Check out what Logos 6 can do and see your custom price today!

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