Faithlife moved to Bellingham in 2002 with 45 employees. Now, more than 420 employees occupy Faithlife’s five buildings on the downtown campus. As the space Faithlife occupies has grown, so have the ways it invests in the community.

That’s why Faithlife is proud to introduce—a site that celebrates the city that we call home.

“We’re excited about what’s happening downtown. It’s really become a vibrant spot,” said CEO Bob Pritchett.

Bellingham is perfectly situated on a sheltered bay below a regal mountain at the gateway to spectacular islands.


Bellingham is surrounded by natural beauty, productive farms, and two world-class cities in two different countries.


Bellingham hosts a significant university, a well-educated workforce, and global businesses.

Bellingham has two vibrant downtowns and a waterfront redevelopment opportunity like nothing else in the world.


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