How to Install the Faithlife Keyboard on Your iOS Device

The inspirational Bible art that you’ve come to love is now easier than ever to share with your friends.

Get the Faithlife Keyboard—free in the app store—and follow the setup instructions to start sending beautiful verse graphics, GIFs, and Faithmoji in your text messages.

Here’s how to get started:

After downloading the app, open up your phone’s settings. Scroll down and tap “General.”

Scroll down and select “Keyboard.”

Then tap on “Keyboards” up at the top to see all keyboards you’ve installed and added.

You won’t see the Faithlife Keyboard until you tap “Add New Keyboard” and select it.

You’ll find the Faithlife Keyboard below “Third-Party Keyboards.” Tap to add it.

This brings you back to the menu with all your keyboards. To ensure that your new keyboard functions properly, select “Faithlife Keyboard.” A new screen will say, “Allow full access.”

When you slide the button to the right, you’ll see a window that says, “Full access allows the developer of this keyboard to transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard. This could include sensitive information . . .”

At Faithlife, your privacy is extremely important. This message simply means that in order for the keyboard to function properly, it needs to access the network. When you select any of the graphics, GIFs, or Faithmojis, the keyboard saves that and allows you to “paste” it in your message. Allowing full access also enables the search function to work. In order for us to know what verse, Faithmoji, or praise badge you’re trying to find, the keyboard has to store what you’re searching for.

After selecting, “allow full access” the keyboard will work! Try it out.

Open up a message, click on the globe icon in the lower left and peruse the new features.

You’ll see a list of graphics by collection on the home icon. You can sort graphics by book of the Bible or topic, and a variety of Faithmoji and praise badges. Above the graphics is a search box so you can find exactly what you are looking for quickly.

Download the Faithlife Keyboard for iOS and start sending beautiful text graphics today!


  1. says

    This doesn't work. When I press anything on the FaithLife Keyboard, it takes me to a "Paste your image" screen. It does not add anything to the text of my document/message/email/etc

  2. says

    Hi Steve. Can you verify that you selected “allow full access”? If you skipped that step, the keyboard won’t work. It’s also possible that you are using an app that doesn’t support third-party keyboards. All messaging apps that support the Faithlife Keyboard can be found at the bottom of

  3. says

    Ryan Nelson Thanks for the quick reply. My problem turned out that Faithlife keyboard is not a fully functioning keyboard as other alternative keyboards are. Whatever I choose in Faithlife Keyboard actually is placed into the clipboard and then I have to manually paste it into the text box. Other keyboards type directly into the text box. That's what I was expecting and frustrated with.

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