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The Hermeneia series is designed to be a critical and historical commentary to the Bible without arbitrary limits in size or scope. The 31,369-page series utilizes the full range of philological and historical tools, including textual criticism, the methods of the history of tradition, and the history of religion. Insofar as possible, the aim is to provide the student or scholar with full critical discussion of each aspect of interpretation and with the primary data along which the discussion is based.

“Hermeneia will be the benchmark and reference point for all future work.”
—Walter Brueggemann

The editors of Hermeneia impose no methodological perspective upon the series (directly, or indirectly by selection of authors). Authors like Harold Attridge, Robert Jewett, Hans Dieter Betz, and Martin Dibelius lay bare the ancient meaning of a biblical book or pericope, ultimately highlighting the text’s human relevance.

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With more than 31,000 pages in material, the Hermeneia and Continental Commentary series gives you a lifeline, no matter how far your study of Scripture takes you.

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