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Encyclopedia Britannica Noet EditionNoet recently partnered with the world’s oldest and most trusted English-language encyclopedia to offer a new way for students, parents, and academics to explore history’s most significant texts.

Encyclopedia Britannica Noet Edition (EBNE) offers a smarter, more efficient way to study history, the classics, literature, and philosophy. Perfect for lovers of the classics and homeschoolers, EBNE integrates primary sources with Encyclopedia Britannica content.

You can start by reading an article on Plato in your encyclopedia, then, with a click, jump to The Republic. To go even further, you can explore the original Greek text, too, and study the English and Greek texts side by side, and scrolling in sync. Click a date in your encyclopedia, and go straight to Noet’s Timeline tool.

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“A significant step forward”

This new edition offers a landmark achievement for the 247-year-old company. According to Michael Ross, senior vice president at Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., “The Noet edition is unlike anything we’ve ever done before and represents a significant step forward for Encyclopaedia Britannica. Noet offers the most advanced way to study the humanities, and Britannica offers some of the best reference articles available. Together, we’re helping students, teachers, and researchers all over the world gain greater access to the trustworthy information they need.”

The Noet edition works within the free Noet app and syncs across mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Every resource in the Noet library is interconnected: dates in the encyclopedia link to a visual timeline, quotes and citations link to their primary sources, and articles link to similar works across the library.

The EBNE includes more than 25,000 images, 10 million words and 19,000 articles rigorously compiled and edited by the editors at Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Pre-order EBNE for 60% off!

For a limited time, you can pre-order Encyclopedia Britannica Noet Edition for 60% off: reserve your copy today!

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