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What I Wish I'd KnownWhat I Wish I’d Known is a brand-new book by authors like Kay Arthur, Liz Curtis Higgs, and June Hunt. Right now, you can get it for free!

After Faithlife’s Women in Ministry Summit last year, 26 inspiring women from the summit collaborated to write What I Wish I’d Known. In this new book, Kay Arthur, June Hunt, and Liz Curtis Higgs, and others wrestle with some of the biggest lessons they’ve learned over the years and pass their wisdom to others facing the challenges of ministry.

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Senior editor Rebecca Brant says, “When God calls, we may not feel prepared to answer. We might believe we don’t have enough Bible knowledge, or we’re terrified of public speaking. Maybe we’re weary and broken, and we think we’re not worthy to serve. Maybe all of that’s true—but none of it matters. If God calls us, he sees the faith and maturity required for leadership. And he will equip us for the work he has in mind.”

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Each of these women use their own voice to help you find yours. Some chapters are more conversational, sharing intimate experiences that led to personal revelations. Others are more prescriptive, offering tangible steps to help you pursue God’s purpose for your life. Together, these women will help you become a more compassionate, Christ-centered leader, and teach you to recognize and trust in God’s calling.

Gwen Smith, Carol Kent, Elyse Fitzpatrick, and 23 other leading women in ministry have poured years of wisdom into these pages. Now, you can take their insights with you wherever you go—for free.

Get What I Wish I’d Known for free today!


  1. Cindy LeSieur says

    Wow! Some of my fave writers!
    I can’t get enough of good Christian female writers, who are like moms to me, so I can reach out and Mom the world I live in.
    I can’t wait to read what they say!

  2. Neil du Plessis says

    Sounds good. Would wish to receive the book. Every testimony is valuable especially those that come from a ‘fellowship’ or community.

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