How to Change Your Notification Settings

When you create a new Faithlife account and join a group, by default you’ll receive an email when someone posts to the group, sends you a message, starts a new discussion, and more. You can see a complete list of notifications when you edit your profile and go to the notifications tab.

(“Posting & Messages” is one category of notifications. Be sure to check each category.)

Next to each type of notification you’ll see “Edit per group settings.” This lets you choose which groups you’ll receive emails about, and which groups you’ll only see in the app and online.

Click the drop down arrows on the left to see all types of notifications, or use the check boxes on the right to change settings for everything at once.


Say, for example, you’re in a group led by your pastor, and he posts devotional thoughts once a week. You might want to receive email notifications when your pastor shares something new. Your small group, however, posts multiple times per day, so email notifications might not be as urgent.

There’s also another option:


If you still want to know everything that’s going on, you can adjust the frequency that you receive email notifications. These settings apply after you indicate what you would like to receive email notifications for. If you change all your notification settings to “notification,” then this option won’t matter. If, however, you have a particularly active small group or ministry team and you want to receive email updates about what’s going on without filling your inbox, you can set this to daily or weekly digest to stay in the loop.

Create your Faithlife account today, or tell your friends and family about email notifications, so they can follow along with your Faithlife Groups.


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