Get Your Gifts before February 2

Logos 6 is here to stay, but after February 2, our special introductory gifts are going away.

Right now, if you get Logos 6, you’re eligible for up to $900 worth of free gifts—because something this big is worth celebrating.

Here’s how it works:

Spend: $500

Get: $50.00 promotional code

50promocodeIf you spend $500 or more when you add a new base package, we’ll send you a $50 promotional code to spend on a future order. We have over 45,000 titles to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. You can use it to get a handful of prized books for free, or apply it toward a larger collection—it’s yours to use as you please. And in Logos, the more books you own, the more valuable every book in your library becomes.

Spend: $1,000

Get: BI100 Learn to Study the Bible

bi100Spend $1,000 or more to unlock a brand-new Mobile Ed course—BI100 Learn to Study the Bible—taught by distinguished professor Dr. Darrell Bock. Dr. Bock will walk you through reading and studying Scripture, with an emphasis on using Logos 6’s powerful new tools to discover new insights. You’ll get video lessons and transcripts, along with more than a dozen Logos 6 training videos. With this course, you can start using Logos 6 and hit the ground running.

Learn how to study the Word with the world’s best Bible study tools from a renowned Bible teacher:

Spend: $2,500

Get: 2-year Pro Media subscription

promediaSpending $2,500 gets you a free two-year subscription to Pro Media—beautiful background slides for your quotes, references, and sermons. Pro Media contains media packs that help you create stress-free, pixel-perfect presentations. These packs work within Proclaim (if you don’t use Proclaim, you can try it free for 30 days), but one of these packs is specially designed for use with Logos. It gives you a wealth of new slides to use with Visual Copy, so you have even more ways to share visually appealing quotes right from your library.

Spend: $5,000

Get: Discipleship Training Bundle

mobilebundleWhen you spend $5,000 or more with your Logos 6 base-package purchase, you’ll get all of the other gifts, plus three Mobile Ed courses: ED101 Introducing Discipleship with Dr. Greg Ogden, PC151 Theology of Everyday Life with Dr. Daniel Doriani, and BI181 Introducing Bible Translations with Dr. Mark Strauss. These courses teach biblical foundations and provide practical methods for developing disciples. Learn both how to train others to live Christ-filled lives and how to teach other leaders to do the same.

Claim your gifts

To get these rewards, add a Logos 6 base package to your cart and grab everything else you want—bundles, additional base packages, etc. When your cart total hits $500, you’ll unlock your first gift. Spend $5,000 or more, and you’ll get them all. You’ll receive your rewards in an email within 45 days of your purchase. Right now with the 15% off discount on base packages and dynamic pricing, one of the best ways to get your gifts and fill your library is to grab multiple base packages. So if you want to take advantage of these great gifts, you could pick out a couple base packages with complementary resources.

Learn more about introductory offers, and get Logos 6 before these offers go away! These deals end Monday, February 2 at 11:59 p.m. (PST).


  1. Josh says

    And what if you’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years, and dutifully upgraded every time a new release comes out?

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Hi Josh,

      If you upgraded this time around and reached any of the price points indicated above, then you will receive the gifts. We really appreciate our loyal customers and we recognize the investment you’ve made with us. These particular gifts, however, are automated and based on the conditions stated above. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


      • Dennis Bean says

        Hi Josh,

        Then you have been blessed with the best tools to study the Word of God! I started with Logos when it was on floppy disks! I have upgraded every time. It has been the best investment in my 35 years of full time ministry! I just wish I had time to fully implement all the capabilities of Logos. I read where Billy Graham was asked what he would have done different, and he replied, “I would have studied more and preached less.” With Logos, I can study more and search less.

  2. says

    Ohhh, now I see. I just upgraded to 6 Platinum, spent over $500, opened Logos and saw in the news feed the offer to "get your gifts, before they are gone." All good so far, nothing in news feed with anything indicating already expired. Click "more" come to this page, I see near the top "we’ll send you a $50 promotional code to spend on a future order", hmmm…. ok check email, check spam, nothing here yet,… read further to see what people get if they spend a lot more money,.. yup nice,…. I guess I'll have to write and ask for my $50,… scroll further down,… all the way down to the bottom of the article to find the one and only reference that says I just wasted time looking at an offer designed to get my attention, designed for me to pursue, only to find it expired.

    I don't think it was malicious nor intentional as there is no value in having your customers jump through hoops to find no reward at the end, so let me suggest pulling the news feed and in the future let the expiration date be before all the hoops, or better yet let the ad expire when the offer expires.

    Just my thoughts.

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