Faithlife: A Year in Review

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Growth is one of Faithlife’s company values; it’s even a job requirement to be growing personally. Here are some ways we grew as an organization in 2014:

More choices

In March, we created specialized base packages for Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal and Charismatic, Reformed, and SDA churches to provide more useful tools for everyone.

A new name

In September, we changed our company name to Faithlife. Our mission hasn’t changed: to serve the church—and Logos Bible Software is a huge part of how we do that. But with so many offerings—Faithlife Groups,, Bible Study Magazine, Lexham Press, and more—it was time to separate the name of our primary product from the name of the company.

A major upgrade

In October, we released Logos 6. We introduced brand-new tools like the Ancient Literature tool and our powerful visual tools.

New content areas

In November, we released the Noet desktop app, making the technology behind Logos Bible Software available for use in studying the humanities.

We won an award

In December, Glassdoor named Faithlife one of the Top 10 Best Places to Work. (The award was based on anonymous employee ratings and reviews). Faithlife employees love their jobs! Faithlife has received this honor two years in a row now.

We sent a gift

On Christmas Eve, we sent a coupon to anyone who had ever purchased anything from Faithlife—even a free book—with a limited-time $20 promotional code to spend on any Logos resource before the new year. You make it possible for us to create new things, improve what we have, explore different directions, and win awards. This $20 gift was one of the many ways we wanted to say thank you to the people we love and serve.

We serve the church, and we love building Bible study tools and resources to help you study and teach the Word.

We look forward to serving you well in 2015!


  1. prince says

    Good morning i praise God for the many achievements in 2014 and i pray that for 2015 greater things will be done to make LBS available on more platforms. One Platform that i am interested in is Linux (Ubuntu). I am really looking forward to migrating from a windows platform to a linux base OS. please that you work on something for me and the many people out there who would love that venture.
    Blessings with Christ Patience.

  2. Rory Michael Lennox says

    Without question you are the most Christian friendly business with which I have ever had dealings. I particularly like the community development aspect. I love a deal.

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