How to Create Community Notes

The Community Notes feature is a powerful Bible study tool that’s built into the Faithlife Study Bible, Logos Bible Software, and Faithlife Groups.

They’re kind of like margin notes, only better.

When you write Community Notes, you decide who gets to see them. You can post them directly to one of your Faithlife Groups, or don’t select a group, and share them to “My Faithlife,” so all your connections can see them.

Community Notes sync across all of Faithlife’s Bible applications. That means you can make them on and, in Logos Bible Software, and the Logos and FSB apps. Once you’ve made a note, you can see it from anywhere.

Depending on where you choose to get into the Word, making Community Notes looks a little different.

Make one in the mobile app

Here’s how to make Community Notes using the Faithlife Study Bible mobile app:

Make one on the web

Hop over to or and follow these three easy steps to create a new note:

1. Find the passage you want

Enter the passage in the search field. If you want to make a note on the entire chapter of John 2, just type John 2; if you want to comment on a specific passage or verse, like John 2:11, enter the specific passage in the search field. The Community Note you create will attach itself to the passage in your search field—even when you change translations!

2. Go to the “notes” section and click this icon:

Whether you’re on or, the notes section is the tab on the right, outlined in the red box above. To create a new note, click the icon indicated by the red arrow above.

3. Choose a Faithlife Group, write a note, and click “post”

Right below the passage you’ve selected, a drop-down menu lets you select from all of your Faithlife Groups. In the image above, I’ve selected the Community Study Bible: a user-created Faithlife Group that capitalizes on the potential of Community Notes.

You don’t have to be a biblical scholar or a pastor to create Community Notes. They’re for connecting what you know with who you know.

If you are a pastor, Community Notes can help you take better sermon notes.

Create a Community Note today! Find your favorite verse and share why it matters to you.

* * *

Want to see Community Notes in action? Join the Community Study Bible group. Share notes or interact with the notes of others.


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