3 Things Playing Ping Pong Says about Faithlife

ping pongWhen you need a break from work, there’s plenty to do around the Faithlife campus—foosball, spikeball, Super Smash Bros., and a whole lot more. For me, one particular activity rises above the rest—ping pong.

When I was hired as an intern a little over a year ago I spent many hours getting to know our flagship product, our company values, and the awesome people who make working at Faithlife so great.

It wasn’t until my internship was almost over that Art Pinney and Eric Vaniman invited me to play a game of ping pong.

One game quickly turned into two, and eventually ping pong became a daily occurrence. A fierce competition formed between us.

Over time our group of three was joined by several others and we started having regular tournaments.

We take ping pong seriously

Ping pong is not just popular among our group of six. It’s a big deal across campus—it’s not unusual to make the journey to building 3 only to find the table occupied.

Every department has a number of people who are skilled with the paddle, including development, design, marketing, customer service, sales, and others.

The sport is popular enough at Faithlife to justify reserving the table ahead of time, especially during the company wide tournament—the C.O.P.P.T.R (Corporate Ping Pong Tournament).

The C.O.P.P.T.R


The C.O.P.P.T.R. is open to anyone at Faithlife—whether you’re a brand-new intern, or someone who’s been here over 20 years. Even Executive Vice President Dan Pritchett is on the ladder.

It’s no laughing matter. C.O.P.P.T.R. is governed by a lengthy set of rules similar to those listed on pongworld.com (with a couple of our “house rules”).

So many stellar players make the competition difficult. Pritchett himself is currently listed as the number two seat in the tournament.

From personal experience, I can tell you that Dan’s pong abilities rarely meet their match. In our first meeting, he kept me below 10 points in two out of three matches to 21.

We’ve played several times since then, and it wasn’t until the week before Faithlife launched Logos 6 that I finally beat him.

What ping pong says about Faithlife

Ping pong is just a game. It has nothing to do with our companies products. But there are three traits shown through this simple game that reveal who we are and showcase what makes working at Faithlife so great:

We’re competitive

Growth is one of our core values. We strive to do and be the best we can at everything we participate in. Naturally, this flows into a friendly game of ping-pong. It’s something we enjoy, so we practice and get better together. Just like the jobs we do every day.

We’re good sports

While we enjoy good competition, we still value and respect our coworkers. The games always remain friendly and they end with a handshake or high-five followed by “good game.” Our company values are summed up by the four words, “Honor God. Love others.” This overflows into everything we do—whether it’s building the world’s best Bible software, or playing some ping pong.

We love a good challenge

Challenges present the opportunity to persevere. Perseverance is the goal of competition. When we compete and lose, it fuels our fire to perform better in the future.

These qualities transfer to our work. We work hard, and when we make a mistake we admit it. These experiences fuel our passion for creating better products and providing better service. We search for our faults, correct them and aim to perform better in the future. It’s part of who we are.

Want to be around for the next C.O.P.P.T.R.? We’re hiring! Apply today at Faithlife.com/careers.

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