Community Study Bible: A Collaborative Journey through Scripture

bibleWhen you read your Bible, study notes and other resources help you get more out of the verses. After you have time to process Scripture and think about what it means for your life, you walk away with insight you didn’t have before.

Imagine reading a Bible that was full of these insights from Christians all across the globe. A Bible packed with Community Notes where people share why particular passages have meant the most to them, connections they’ve seen with other verses, and what God has shown them through that passage.

That’s exactly what Nathan Parker envisioned when he created the Community Study Bible. It’s a Faithlife Group that let’s anyone and everyone share Community Notes on the verses and passages that mean the most to them.

If you’ve ever learned something from a verse before, this is the place to share it. If you’ve ever written or preached on a passage before, share the insight you gained. You never know who might need to hear what you have to say about a verse.

Even if you don’t feel qualified to provide insight into Scripture, your thoughts matter. Joining the Faithlife Group is like adding a whole new layer of notes to your Bible—the notes appear on the passages they’re connected to, so if you’re part of the group and someone has learned something from a passage, you’ll see it in a note icon, like this:


Click the note icon to bring up the note, right within the translation you’re using. When you change Bible translations, the notes tag along—they’re connected to the verse, not the version. If there are Community Notes in the chapter you’re reading, you’ll see a note icon attached to the chapter heading—click it to see all of the Community Notes in the chapter.

When I read through my print Bibles, the notes I’ve made in the margins over the years reveal different perspectives I’ve had over time. Questions I’ve wrestled with because of a particular passage. Connections I’ve made. The Community Study Bible exposes you to the “margin notes” of other believers through interactive Community Notes.

You can respond to other people’s notes, build off their thoughts, or ask questions to get more out of the notes. And every time you do, you increase the value of the Community Study Bible to everyone else.

Get the most from the group

If you aren’t already using the Faithlife Study Bible app on your phone or tablet, download it today to have these Community Notes with you wherever you study.

Once you join the group, you can see these notes right inside your Bible when you read on,, the Faithlife Study Bible app, or Logos Bible Software.

You can even browse through all of the Community Notes by going to the Community Notes tab in the group itself.

The Community Study Bible group was created by users, for users. A thriving Christian community like this adds a whole new depth to your Bible study.

Join the Community Study Bible group today.


  1. Joseph Luna says

    I would like to “re-join” but not with a group that does absolutely nothing. The are where I live does not conduce to have a community study bible group. Can I join a group that is really active even though it is not within the area where I live?

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Hi Joseph,

      That’s actually exactly why Nathan started the Community Study Bible group—it’s for anyone! You can click any of the links in the post above to get to the group, or click here:

      If you want to be part of an active group, this is a great place to start. No matter where you live, you can join the group :)


  2. says

    This is an excellent feature and benefit. I would like to have this feature with the Study Bibles notes. This would be very helpful for every device that we own. What are your thoughts?

  3. Phil Laws says

    This sounds like a great idea – is it available yet? I would certainly use it and would appreciate the insights others have on the text I am reading or studying at the time.

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Hi Phil,

      This group is already going! Just click here to see what it’s up to:

      Click “join” to follow along with the group and start contributing!

      Once you join the group, you’ll be able to see their notes in the Faithlife Study Bible, Logos, or on The notes sync across all translations available in Logos.


  4. says

    Glad you like it, Andy! Technically, this is a feature, not a group, but once you join the group, you’ll be able to see the notes right inside your Bible when you read with Logos or the Faithlife Study Bible.

    Or, if you’re referring to the Community Notes feature, that actually IS available for every resource you own in Logos.

    Join the group and try it out! :)

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