Need a Break from Work? Play Spikeball!

To keep working to your full potential, sometimes you have to take breaks. When your job involves a lot of sitting inside, getting outside is a great way to stay healthy, stimulate your brain, and connect with your coworkers in a different environment.

For these Faithlife designers, that means one thing: spikeball.

Micah Ellis, Ronald Rabideau, and Derek Schrock watch as Andrew Berkemeyer leaps to keep the play alive.

What is “spikeball”?

Spikeball is probably best described as a hybrid between volleyball and four square. To play, all you need is a ball, an official spikeball net, and three friends. (See official USA spikeball rules.)

Max Morin, a Faithlife designer and spikeball enthusiast, says, “If it isn’t raining, we usually play. For several weeks during the summer we played every day.”

With the begin of fall and the return of Bellingham rain, it’s possible that the spikeball season is coming to a close. But our design team is always innovating, and I’m sure they will continue finding ways to enjoy the sport. They might just need to relocate.

Max says, “We play almost exclusively at the Bellingham Public Library. As you can see in the hyper lapse video (below), the grass around where we play is a little worn out. Whoops!”

The designers enjoy playing spikeball at lunch because it helps them get to know the people they work with, and it’s a great cardio workout.

“The dream,” Max says, “is to have a company-wide spikeball tournament.”

Check out this sweet hyperlapse video to see spikeball in action:

Faithlife lets people pick their own schedules, and offers a lot of flexibility for people to get out and about when they need to—because happy employees mean better work.

“I love that we can go play during the day,” Max says, “. . . and that we have showers back at the office so we don’t have to be sweaty and gross the rest of the day!”

We’re thankful for the showers too, Max.

In the comments, tell us about some of the awesome things you do at work!

Derek (right) gets ready as Ronald (left) returns the ball to Andrew and Micah.

* * *

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