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Join the Logos Author Collections group to filter your Logos searches by your favorite authors.

If you’ve ever used Logos 5 before, you know how valuable it is to have a massive library.

But what if you aren’t looking for everything there is to know about a topic? Sometimes you just want to know what John Piper said about it. Or what R.C. Sproul said. Or N.T. Wright.

If your favorite author has only written a book or two, or that’s all you own by them, then a search like this is no problem. Every Logos book is built with Logos 5’s powerful tools is mind, so you can always isolate your search to an individual text.

But authors like Piper, Sproul, and Wright have a few more books to search through (each has contributed to over 50 Logos books). You need something more advanced.

Create a search rule

Logos trainer Morris Proctor wrote a great how-to guide for creating search rules in Logos. But did you know you can use this same concept to isolate your search to one author?

When you open Logos, click “Tools,” then “Collections.”

In the collection-name field, you will probably want to name the collection after the author.

Under “Start with resources matching,” use this format to create your new search rule:

Author: “Last, First”

Logos saves your rule automatically, so it’s there for you to use whenever you need it. Anytime you’re doing a search within Logos, now you can click “Entire Library” and select the collection you’ve created to narrow your search.

Want something even easier?

Don’t have anything by John Piper? Get the John Piper Life and Ministry Collection.
Don’t have anything by John Piper? Get the John Piper Life and Ministry Collection.

Faithlife Groups has a highly versatile documents tab. Within that tab, you can share 15 different types of documents. One of these is called a “resource collection.”

You can save the collections you create within Logos and share them with your colleagues using Faithlife Groups.

Right now, the Faithlife Group called Logos Author Collections has over 50 of these prepackaged search rules for some of the most prolific authors in Logos. When you copy a document from the group, it’s automatically sent to your Logos library, so it’s ready to use.

Join the Faithlife Group, copy the documents you want, and find out exactly what your favorite authors have written about . . . anything!

* * *

Faithlife Groups give you more ways to connect with your Christian community. Join biblical scholars and explore theology together, stay connected to your small group, start a reading plan with your family, and more.

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