Pete Wilcox Brings an Ancient Story to Life


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The story of Joseph offers a vivid picture of redemption, reconciliation, and forgiveness. But it’s so much more than that.

In Living the Dream: Joseph for Today, Pete Wilcox, dean of Liverpool in the Church of England, divides this ancient narrative into 14 “episodes.”

Wilcox explains,

The Joseph story is sometimes described by scholars as ‘the Joseph cycle’. This is a helpful term. In Genesis, there are similarly ‘cycles’ of stories about Abraham (Gen. 12–25) and Jacob (Gen. 26–36); and in other parts of the Bible, there is a ‘David Cycle’ for example (1 Sam. 16–1 Kgs. 2) and one about Elijah (1 Kgs. 17–2 Kgs. 2). A ‘cycle’ in this sense is a series of connected and continuous narratives about a central figure, in which the component parts nevertheless have their own separate coherence and integrity—like episodes in a TV drama series perhaps or like the individual parts in a ‘cycle’ of Medieval mystery plays.

If you’ve ever wanted to take a closer look at this classic Bible story, Living the Dream provides easily digestible chunks to help you get the most from it. Each chapter of the book often aligns with a single chapter of the story of Joseph.

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      Hi Don,

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    Your sign up sheet for the 9 volume OT studies doesn't work; won't allow me to enter a tweet to get the url. Also, I went on the other sites, liked as I was supposed to to get an entry and that didn't work either.. Guess I won't be winning, but God Bless you all anyway.

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