Last Chance: Share and Tweet Your Way to Logos Gold!

Share the most posts from Christian Discourse before September 16, and you’ll win a Logos 5 Gold base package. Four runners up will win the Lexham Bible Guides.

You read correctly: share the most, and you will win.

This isn’t some random drawing. If you share the most Christian Discourse posts using the guidelines below, you win a prize worth over $1,500. Four runners-ups will win the Lexham Bible Guides–worth over $450.

Logos 5 is the world’s leading Bible software. It blends powerful technology with human intelligence to perform hours of Bible study in seconds. With over 40,000 resources in the Logos library, it transforms your computer and mobile devices into your personal highway to insight. Logos 5 Gold base package is worth over $1,500, and right now, you have the opportunity to get it for free.

The contest is simple—it’s a competition. Head to, create your free account, pick a discussion (or create a new one), share the post, and repeat.

Please note, while you can share through Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or email, your shares only count towards the contest if you share posts using the option below:


Don’t know what to say? You can still share!

Sometimes someone else says our thoughts better than we ever could ourselves. Or maybe, they capture our thoughts in a way that means more to us.

When you find a post on Christian Discourse that resonates with you, share it—it doesn’t have to be your post!

That means that when you find someone whose thoughts you appreciate, you could even click on their profile to find and share their other posts!

Remember, the person who shares the most wins—not the person who gets shared the most.

Share links to the threads and posts you like the most, not just the ones you create yourself.

The contest ends on September 16th at 12:00 a.m., EST, and the top five referrers will win. The top referrer will win Logos 5 Gold or an equivalent upgrade (if you already own Logos 5 Gold) and four runner-ups will win the Lexham Bible Guides.

Join the conversation today, and share to win!


  1. Jason H says

    So, in order to win an upgrade, we have to literally bombard our folks via social media? The ethics behind that are appalling — win books by doing something that is considered bad Internet hospitality? Thanks but no thanks.

  2. Brian Poad. says

    Rather than bombard people, and just harass folks with meaningless discussion, one would think the quality of a persons posts would be considered? I have enjoyed the my Christian discourse sight. Very good place to share and interact with other believers.

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