Get the Biblical Education You’ve Always Dreamed Of

A lot of pastors, ministry leaders, and Christians want more biblical education. But as your family grows and your life gets busier, Bible college begins to feel out of reach.

That’s where Logos Bible Software’s Mobile Ed comes in.

Mobile Ed is changing the way people think about biblical education.

Sean Taylor has been a youth pastor for over a decade. See how he balances full-time ministry, a family of six, and the pursuit of biblical education:

Taylor says, “I went to college and got a degree in speech communication. I have wanted to pursue a master’s ever since leaving, but as my ministry grows, my family grows, and my time seems more divided, it just seems more of a pipe-dream than a reality.”

For a lot of ministry leaders, this is where the story ends: there’s no time.

You have to find the right balance between using the potential you already have as a leader, and maximizing your potential with spiritual growth.

For Sean, his desire for spiritual growth was sparked by tough questions he didn’t have the tools to answer.

“Logos Mobile Ed has really given me an opportunity to further my education, to deepen my understanding of God’s Word, in the convenience of my own home and in my own time frame.”

Mobile Ed offers a growing pool of over 70 professors to learn from, including renowned Bible scholars like Douglas Moo, Tremper Longman, and Darrell Bock.

Check out Mobile Ed’s courses today, and find the biblical education that fits your life.

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