Enter to Win a Logos Base Package—Share Your Wisdom with Others!

Christian Discourse is giving away big prizes for people who share biblical discussions with their communities.

You can win Logos 5 Gold ($1,550 value) or an equivalent base package upgrade by sharing your insight on Christian Discourse!

It’s simple, the people who share the most wisdom with their communities, win!

Follow these four steps:

1. Weigh in

Jump into a discussion that’s already happening on Christian Discourse, or create your own.


2. Share your contribution

After you post on Christian Discourse, click the button shown below, then pick the social site you’d like to share to.


Please note: your shares will only count towards the contest if you follow this step.

3. Invite your community to join


4. Continue to share, share, share

It’s simple—whoever shares the most, wins! Encourage those who’ve encouraged you with their biblical insight to join you on the quest to win big!

The contest ends on September 16th at 12:00 a.m., EST, and the top five referrers will win. The top referrer will win Logos 5 Gold or an equivalent upgrade (if you already own Logos 5 Gold) and four runner-ups will win the Lexham Bible Guides.

Join the conversation today, and share to win!

* * *

Christian Discourse is a place for honest conversations about the things that matter most. It’s designed to guide you in exploring Christianity through discussion. You’ll find conversations on theology, apologetics, devotional thoughts, Bible questions, and more—all tied to Christian living. Discover biblical insights from followers of Christ on our culture’s most pertinent issues and our world’s most pressing troubles.

And here’s the best part: you can add to the conversation. Your thoughts and concerns matter—Christian Discourse is a safe place to share them with other Christians.


  1. ewenice says

    When I think of free masons alongside Christianity, it reminds me of the many converted Catholics in Haiti & elsewhere who also practice voodoo. It’s akin to having one foot in Christianity & and the other foot in the world. The two are not compatible. We can relate this to being neither hot or cold, but lukewarm, in which case God says, He will spew them from His mouth. We cannot serve two masters.

  2. NMcClure says

    Just to clarify – the contest is to simply “share” the most posts on a social network, right? Just trying to make sure we know the rules. Thanks!

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Correct! When you share directly through Christian Discourse (by following step 2 in the post), Christian Discourse can keep track of who has shared the most.

      If you share posts in any other way, it will not count towards your total shares. The person with the most shares through the process outlined above, wins.

      Thank you for bringing this up! I hope this clarifies the contest.

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Yes! The results are in, and we’ll be contacting the winner and runner-ups within the next couple of days. After we’ve contacted them, we’ll post the results!

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