Top 5 Controversial Topics on Christian Discourse

See what Christians are talking about right now, and add your voice to the conversation.

For many people, it’s tough to find the right place to talk about controversial issues. The wrong topic at the wrong time or in the wrong place can create divisions in families, friendships, colleagues, or even churches. In lieu of navigating these delicate conversations and risking relational struggles, some people choose silence. Sometimes silence is the right choice, but if we always hide our voice, we miss out on both an opportunity to grow and an opportunity to reveal Christ in us.

When our own beliefs interact with the beliefs of others, something powerful happens. Our beliefs emerge from the conversation even stronger than before. Whether you identify with someone else’s thoughts, or you disagree, the process of sharing with other Christians can hone and sharpen our faith (Proverbs 27:17).

Here are the top five controversial discussions going on right now:

1. Women leading and teaching in the church

2. Why is homosexuality such a big deal?

3. The moral argument for God’s existence

4. Leviticus for today?

5. Is the Bible obsolete?

Whatever you believe, and whether or not you express it verbally, the love of Christ should first and foremost manifest itself in your life through your actions. This includes the way we verbally communicate our beliefs. That’s why Christian Discourse is designed to foster healthy communication. When you discuss your beliefs on Christian Discourse, approach the conversation the same way you would at church. Love God, love others. Choose words that reflect this love. If you can’t do that, you probably aren’t ready to have the conversation—in person or on the Internet.

If you’re ready to start discussing life and God with other Christians, they’re waiting to hear from you. Christian Discourse lets you talk about everything from how to watch sermons online to the salvation of pets to fasting. Whatever your question, Christian Discourse offers a great community to quickly gather insight from a variety of perspectives.

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  1. James Garland says

    Seems a couple of these so called controversies are beyond Christian discussion, as if you deny God, or the Bible you are not a Christian. If you believe the Bible and Jesus, there should be no issue about if homosexual sin is ok, or if women can be a pastress (pastor is a male noun, kind of shows that women should not be as there isn’t even a word to describe it…) so the only real question among the five that could be considered a topic of debate for a Christian is about applying the standards or Leviticus to life today…

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Some good thoughts here, James. The discussions found on Christian Discourse are not really “debates,” although some of them certainly appear that way. All of the initial questions are posed by Christian Discourse users, who are presumably either Christians or people exploring Christianity. The community of Christian Discourse becomes a more valuable place for exploring questions like these.

      In regards to these particular questions, it might be helpful if you visit the forum to see more than just the title. The first question in not regarding whether or not homosexual sin is okay, but rather, why does homosexuality get more attention than other sins?

      Again, these topics have all emerged from users, and this post simply highlights some of the forums which have had the most activity. I would encourage you to take a closer look and share what you think.

    • Krista says

      I will call sons and daughters and pour out my spirit upon them. The spirit is neither male nor female. So if it is the spirit that work ethic in us God is not interested in your gender.

      • says

        As far as the word Spirit & its meaning , I must define the word . So just recently on a radio talk show this was brought up and shed light onto this word-Spirit. And after I checked out the results of the discussion ,I agree its meaning is “netuer” but not female, its neither female nor male.
        In Roms 8:26-29 , summary which …”Spirit helps us in prayer”,groaning to and for deep words …”helps us prayer or prayers for us . The ‘voice’ is male as in a noun . now this takes in some English or greek literay understanding to comprehend . But as I thought on it , makes sense that a spirit is neither female & male , the Spirit is a formless being w/in us at being saved . This mainly is about OT meaning of Spirit . hope that brings some discernment .

  2. says

    6:20 O Timothy, protect what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the profane chatter and absurdities of so-called “knowledge.” 6:21 By professing it, some have strayed from the faith. Grace be with you all. The NET Bible (1 Ti 6:20–21).
    15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 16 But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness. KJV ( 2 Ti 2:15–16).

  3. says

    I would have added another discussion to the list ahead of some others: “End Times: Pre-millenial Darbyism or Historical Amillenialism”. This debate seems to me to be gaining in steam as older preachers who have taken to Darby’s pre-millenialism are aging as well as the as its treatment of Revelation falls more and more apart in the eyes of more serious students of the book; also, the historical understanding of Revelation and end times is making a resurgence as to its treatment for a present understanding versus a future expectation. For more on this see, Dr. Robert Mulholland’s book on Revelation or listen to his NT666 studies from Asbury on iTunes.

  4. says

    christians use the bible as the end all to controversial questions. the bible is not god or the word. people can make the bible say anything they want. JESUS is the word. saying the bible is he word takes away from JESUS being the end all. the bible under the holy spirit is a great tool. but today they make everything it says as the law. the bible says in the beginning was the word- the word was with god- the word was god so no way can it be the bible. the bible wasn’t there in the beginning & sure as heck not god. people make it into a god. christians are ready to bang the bible over peoples heads. doesnt gays & anybody else come under the good samaritan clause.the bible is a great tool under the direction of the holy spirit. but too many people use it as sword to kill peoples life & spirit,

  5. Kom says

    Kevin is confused.when you sell your property you put down agreement and contract on a dying declaration made or recorded is considered to be valid and enforceable.So bible contains words spoken by God and through his prophets and disciple.So,bible has become a means as book not an end in itself.So bible as a book and bible as words are two different things.But the primary purpose is bible as a living words,the words of God.If you want to know vodka you have to taste/drink first.You cannot understand vodka by the label and bottle.So to know the true meaning of God’s words you have to have the spirit first.Otherwise your understanding about the bible will be like understanding vodka from the label only.

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