Just Released: Bible Screen on DVD!


Infuse the Word into your day with Bible Screen on DVD. Bible Screen gives you and your loved ones non-stop, biblical inspiration by continually streaming stunning, ad-free Bible verse art and animation—turning your blank screen into a catalyst for insight.

With artwork created by the talented Logos Design Team, the applications for Bible Screen are endless! You can welcome your friends and family into your home with encouragement. You can add joy to your work day by refreshing yourself in the faithfulness of God. You can sharpen your church, or youth ministry, with consistent wisdom from Scripture. Instead of leaving your church’s screen in the dark all week—light it up with God’s Word.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get:

Share the living Word wherever you are—get Bible Screen on DVD for just $14.95 today!

* * *

Want to take Bible Screen with you everywhere? The Bible Screen mobile app streams Bible verse images and videos straight to your device. You can even save images and send them as your home or lock screen.

Download the app today at BibleScreen.com!


  1. Linval says

    Got mine yesterday…used it to fill the time before our prayer meeting…worked GREAT! Inspiring verses and relaxing music created a wonderful, reverent atmosphere.

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