Jon Micah Sumrall Talks about the Faithlife Study Bible

The Faithlife Study Bible is free. Download your copy right now.

Jon Micah Sumrall is the lead singer from Kutless. After years of working with youth, Jon noticed something. Young people aren’t getting into the Word.

For people who struggle to get into the Word, Jon has a suggestion:

The Faithlife Study Bible is packed with notes, infographics, and articles by prominent Bible scholars. With three layers of study notes, you can skim the surface, or dive as deep as you want into the Word of God. Like John says, it’s the handbook to your life. And with the FSB, that handbook goes wherever you do.

God’s Word is a gift, and that’s why this study Bible—which cost over $2 million to make—is free.

Get your free copy of the FSB today.


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