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Zondervan’s proven and popular language textbooks continue to transform novices into experts. Right now, you can get the Zondervan Biblical Languages Collection for $459.95—that’s over $150 off the regular price! Use coupon code BTS2014, and get yours now.

For the college class or the casual learner

Boasting 35 of Zondervan’s finest texts on biblical languages, this collection contains tools for instructors, students, self-learners, re-learners, and home-schoolers. Wherever you’re at, you have a lot to gain by adding this collection to your library.

After 20 years of success, Basics of Biblical Greek remains the most popular introduction in the field. Over 200,000 students around the globe have learned biblical Greek under its guidance. An entire series of curricula now stands beside it. The Zondervan Biblical Languages collection equips you with the latest editions of these world-renowned introductory textbooks.

These internationally acclaimed textbooks offer you the best in biblical language instruction, from authors and teachers like William D. Mounce, Miles V. Van Pelt, Daniel B. Wallace, and Gary D. Practico. With tools for understanding grammar, building vocabulary, and performing exegesis and word studies, these scholars impart decades of teaching and condense years of learning into materials you can study at your own pace.

To help you build vocabulary and promote interactive learning, the collection includes:

  • Audio aids
  • Workbooks
  • Reference guides
  • Morphology and syntax texts

If you’ve ever thought about taking on biblical languages, now is the time. Reading the Bible in English is undeniably valuable, but no matter how accurate a translation is, understanding the original languages of Scripture can transform the way you interpret it.

These texts help you discover nuances in language that were previously inaccessible to you—and get meaning out of it even if you don’t know Greek or Hebrew! With Greek and Hebrew audio readings, interactive workbooks, quick-reference guides, and texts for all levels of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic learning, this collection is essential for everyone who reads Scripture.

Get all 35 volumes of biblical language scholarship for over 18% off—that’s more than $150 off the regular price! Or, check out the rest of Logos’ Back to School deals.

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