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Logos Bible Software offers over 40,000 unique resources to enhance your Bible study. With so many voices shaping your spiritual identity, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Logos wants to help you find the still, small voice in the midst of the noise. One way Logos does this is by helping you keep a pulse on what’s going on in the Christian community.

If you’ve subscribed to Logos’ bloggers email list, you may notice a shift in the content. This list plugs you into the Christian blogger community and gives you a window into their personal Bible study. See what resources they choose to invest in, and more importantly, why they read what they read. Whether you’re a blogger yourself or you just want to stay in the loop about what materials people are using and learning from, this exclusive list was designed for you.

Logos has selected dozens of Christian bloggers to write honest and compelling reviews about the latest Bible study resources. Each week, these bloggers publish new reviews about the books and tools they love, and the ones they don’t. If you’re always on the hunt for new materials to learn from, this is your hunting ground.

Sign up for Logos’ product reviews email list to stay in the know about quality Christian books. Who knows, you might discover your new favorite resource, or even a fresh perspective on a book you’ve already read. This special list exposes you to a wealth of Christian writers who want to help you learn and grow. Join the conversation today.


Get authoritative reviews of Logos resources from Christian bloggers.


See what people are saying about some of the best Christian resources the world has to offer.


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