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not-your-average-bible-study-series3I’m the general editor of Faithlife Study Bible and the coauthor of Connect the Testaments: A Daily Devotional. I’ve been working on a new Bible study series to help you see how the Bible’s story is your story. The Not Your Average Bible Study Series automatically works in your Faithlife Study Bible application—it’s designed with you in mind. The Not Your Average Bible Study Series empowers you to:

  • Understand the ancient context of the Bible.
  • Ask the same questions scholars ask.
  • Apply the Bible to your life, each step along the way.
  • See the biblical story as part of your own story.

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Our Crazy Deal

Pre-order the Not Your Average Bible Study Series between now and July 31 and get four volumes for free! If you order before July 31, the entire 12 volume collection is yours for $19.95—less than $2 per volume. As the series nears completion, the price gets closer to regular pricing—so to get the best deal, pre-order soon!

People loved it, so we made it even better

Most of these unique Bible studies first appeared in Bible Study Magazine. I regularly receive kind emails about how these studies help people get deeper into the Word, study the Bible better, and apply the Word to their life. That’s why we made these studies into books—so even more people can experience better Bible study. These books include interactive answer boxes, prayer prompts, and insightful questions. Each one explores how the biblical story is our story. The Not Your Average Bible Study Series is designed for both individual and group use. So tell your friends—don’t settle for average Bible study.

Pre-order the Not Your Average Bible Study Series today to get the best price and four free volumes! Feel free to email your questions directly to me:


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