Free Book on Martin Luther & More!

With the recent turn of the month comes a new free book! But there’s much more to take advantage of—get an additional title for just 99 cents, plus the chance to win an entire collection.

Become an expert on the life of Martin Luther and the Reformation with the help of these resources. Act now—they’re only here for a limited time!

Here’s what is happening this month:

1. Get The Righteousness of Faith according to Luther—it’s free!

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Expand your understanding of the Reformation along with Luther’s work and theology behind it. Get Hans J. Iwand’s The Righteousness of Faith according to Luther and discover more about Protestant Reformation viewpoints, such as Sola Gide and Sola Gratia. Despite the gap between the Luther Renaissance and Iwand’s authorship (he wrote it in 1941!), Iwand offers crucial insights to Luther’s doctrine of justification.

Don’t miss your chance to download this intuitive resource for free!

2. Get Being Shaped by Freedom—it’s just 99 cents

This title is the perfect addition to The Righteousness of Faith according to Luther. Know more about Martin Luther’s background that led to his leadership in the Reformation. Add this book to your library, and gain a fresh perspective on Luther’s understanding of justification by faith.

Plus, it’s only 99 cents!

3. Enter to win the entire Select Studies in Martin Luther’s Life and Influence, Part 1

Don’t stop at the free book and 99-cent title—be sure to enter for your chance to win an entire series on the life of Martin Luther! Discover the scholarly research done on the influence of Luther’s life with this thorough collection.

Don’t miss out on any of these offers! Take advantage of them today, and start exploring key perspectives on the work of Martin Luther.

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