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  1. Chris says

    The Biblical Leaders (not counting Jesus) who most inspire me are John the Baptist and Moses. Both fearlessly told truth to power, yet Moses was meek and left his defense to the LORD and John said of the Christ, “He must increase and I decrease.” [Number 12:3; John 3:30]

  2. Daniel Willsey says

    Kay Northcutt because of love of God and of people and the desire to bring the two together.

  3. says

    Antonio and Christelle Baldovinos, the directors of Global Prayer House in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where I have the privilege of serving. They are true lovers and servants of Jesus, walking in humility and honour. They are an amazing example of how to walk and talk like Jesus!

  4. Craig Manning says

    In recent years, there have been two men who have been inspirational in my life, both are pastors. Vincent MacIsaac constantly instilled in me to avoid the error of building a theology based on just one passage of Scripture but making sure to build upon all of Scripture. Then, Rich Palmer, just bubbles over with love for others. He becomes an instant friend with everyone he meets. Before a forget, there is also Don Elswick, Don is just on fire for the Lord, yet exhibits a theological and doctrinal balance few possess.

  5. Marie-Josée Dionne says

    I have been using Logos for the past 2 years and I love it. I can’t wait to use Logos 5 and discover the new additions.

  6. says

    The most inspiring leader in my life, would have to be my father who is a missionary to North Africa. Working a long side of him I have learned so much. Since he has inspired me so much, I have decided to go into ministry and go to Bible college.

  7. Doug Lindsay says

    Two men in my life have inspired me to do and become what I am today. As a youngster, my Scout Master, Doug Calhoun, became the father I never had and a great Christian example for me to follow. In ministry, Rev. H.H. Barber who introduced me to the Pentecostal experience and opened the door to over 40 years of pastoral and missionary experience.

  8. James Lonzo says

    These tools will allow me to grow in the word of God and help me guide those in need of The Lord!

  9. Heather Fraser Kirby says

    I invested in Logos about 10 years ago and it has been an endless source of wisdom and inspiration

  10. Eric Martin says

    Ted Demoss from CBMC reminded me that it is all about seeking the lost, sharing the Good News Of Jesus Christ. Man created religion to try and get closer to God, God created RELATIONSHIP to get closer to man. Be INTENTIONAL every moment.

  11. Scot Tomlinson says

    My current pastor, Pete Hypes, has really been an inspiration to me to pursue what God has in store for me. He is a good man who loves Jesus and loves teaching and preaching the Bible.

  12. Nicole Saunders says

    The family of an elder in my church have been inspiring to me by demonstrating godly relationships.

  13. says

    There are a few both living and those who have gone on, and those I know personally and those who have been leaders through their writings; Dietrich Bonhoeffer – His demonstration of tying thinking, emotions, academics and pastoralship into one and his theology of church and how to reach into the world is amazing. Leonard Ravenhill – His drive for holiness and prayer still causes me to think deeply about my own life. My Youth Pastor Steve Welch – His commitment to the ministry given to him and how he does it to the fullest has given me a standard to live by as I now work in the ministry I have been given. John Piper – His strong desire to hold to the teachings of scripture and his passion in preaching. John MacArthur – As a pentecostal, though I may disagree on some points, has been a leader that continues to hold me accountable to what I say and teach. So many people and not enough space. I thank God every day for using such leaders to bless me in different ways with their knowledge, love, and passion.

  14. says

    My family and I are serving as missionaries in Nicaragua. Out primary ministry is assisting and training Nicaraguan church planters. Winning Logos 5 and the additional resources would be a huge help. Having study resources at our finger tips would be great!

  15. Stephanie Alvarez says

    My inspirational encouragement in my life has been my father-n-law who is a Pastor and my Pastor Blake Albritton who has such a Love for sharing Gods word and teaching others how to grow their Faith by studying Gods Word each day through having quite time with God.

  16. Mike Keller says

    John Kennedy, a professor in Bible college, is one of the men that has been an inspirational leader in my life. He took the time to teach me some very basic lessons to help me be a better man and servant of God.

  17. Marvin Mercado says

    My brother is a seaman pastor, it will help him to do more for spreading the word of God wether onshore or offshore.

  18. Chester Harris says

    There have been several who have been influential leaders in my life. I will list just a few. Bob Peterson who always had an encouraging word to help me understand my worth and value. Howard Bixby who modeled interactive teaching of Scripture and gave me opportunities to discover my spiritual gift of teaching. My late wife Donna who ministered to others literally to her dieing day.

  19. Paul says

    Joe Butler. He was a humble family man who poured his life into teenagers, which took much of his time. I will never forget his impact in my life.

  20. says

    Always gotta give major credit to my dad… No one had the chance to have more influence in my life. And he took it seriously. Love the earthly father God's blessed me with!

  21. says

    My husband, Robert, continues to be an inspirational leader in my life, because he continues to desire to grow, not just in his ministry to me and our family but in mentoring and pouring into others God has put in his life.

  22. says

    My wife. Her tremendous witness during her times of suffering with breast cancer, her steadfast love of God and trust in Jesus, has forever taught me a focused faith.

  23. Andrew Norvelle says

    John Lord, Glenn Rudd and Brad Rucker are but a few of the Godly men who have inspired me to live my life for The LORD and not be turned aside by the cares of the world

  24. Andrew Norvelle says

    John Lord, Glenn Rudd and Brad Rucker are but a few of the Godly men who have inspired me to live my life for The LORD and not be turned aside by the cares of the world

  25. T. Franklin says

    I am inspired by every man and woman who was courageous enough to accept the calling of God into vocational ministry.

  26. Anastasia Huffman says

    my grandmother because she was the one who would pick me up and take me to church from as young as i remember till i was 10- when she moved away I had that value instilled and parents would allow me to walk to the neighborhood church nearby

  27. Darla says

    Steve Parsons. He helped me with my life direction in college and recommended a great book that really helped me examine myself.

  28. Ruairi Ward says

    I am about to start in my first appointment as an Officer in The Salvation Army. These resources would be a tremendous kick starter for anyone’s ministry.

    My wife’s Grandfather continues to inspire me. He has served The Lord through The Salvation Army for more than 50 years as an Officer and continues in his ‘retirement’ to mentor young men struggling to overcome their addictions.

  29. says

    My most inspiring leader in my life is the holy spirit. He is always there to teach me all truth. And to empower me to overcome every obstacle that tries to overtake me.

  30. Kris says

    My youth pastor! He was inspirational because he paid attention. He knew each of us even though our group was between 30 and 50 kids. When we talked to him he listened and picked up on key information. His wife was the same and they were very open to us. I don’t think our youth pastor wouldn’t have been nearly as instrumental in our lives if his wife hadn’t been just as involved as he was!!!!

  31. Rev Felix ERHABOR says

    That is a wonderful package I need it for it will enhance the ministry’s of the pastor.

  32. Kathie Pace says

    Bill Subritzky, He has been in the Evangelical, Healing and Deliverance Ministry for over 40+ years. God uses Him greatly to Minister into people's lives. None of the money collected goes into his pockets it is always feed back into the Ministry. He pays for his own and the Ministry Team's accommodation and meals and transport and always has resources available at his meetings which are very minimal costs. He is passionate about seeing people come to a strong right relationship with God and opens the door for people to come to repentance for things in their lives that are against God's word. xxxx

  33. Suzi Ciliberti says

    John Piper has been a real inspirational leader in our lives. His statement "God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him," literally changed our lives.

  34. Rebecca Taylor Sutton says

    My Dad Johnny Taylor, He loves The Lord and has been the best Father, husband, man of God, that any Child could ask for..I would not be the person I am today without his guidance..

  35. Rebecca Taylor Sutton says

    My Dad Johnny Taylor, He loves The Lord and has been the best Father, husband, man of God, that any Child could ask for..I would not be the person I am today without his guidance..

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