3 Benefits of Audio Bibles

lexham-english-bible-audio-new-testamentTaking time to read and reflect on the Bible is imperative to growing in your faith. Audio Bibles can be used to fill our lives with even more with Scripture, and give us fresh perspectives on the Bible.

Here are three benefits of using an audio Bible:

1. Listen while you drive

Whether it’s your daily commute to work or a road trip with your family, audio Bibles let you engage Scripture without taking your eyes off the road. Press play on an audio Bible and seek peace in the Word (especially during that unexpected traffic jam.) The Lexham English Bible Audio New Testament comes with a CD of MP3 files—load the MP3 files onto your mobile or music device, or simply play the CD in your car stereo.

2. Engage in auditory learning

We all have different learning styles. If you connect and learn by listening, audio Bibles are a great way to study and memorize Scripture. Even if you learn visually or kinesthetically, engaging in auditory learning every so often is a refreshing way to connect to the Word.

3. Change up the way you study the Bible

Breaking your Bible study routine can reveal new perspectives within Scripture. Try reading along to an audio Bible and take in the Word by listening and reading simultaneously. Play a passage you’ve read before and see what new insights you gain from just listening.

Don’t have an audio Bible? Get one!

The Lexham English Bible was created by the world’s leading Bible software developers to give readers a clear and literal look at the Bible. The LEB closely follows the original language of the Bible while remaining readable in contemporary English. If you use the Faithlife Study Bible app, you’ve already experienced the LEB translation—the Faithlife Study Bible comes loaded with the LEB text. Get the LEB audio and start listening to the Word of God today!

If you like the convenience of the Faithlife Study Bible app, you’ll enjoy how simple it is to take the LEB Audio New Testament on the go. Simply load the MP3 files from the CD onto your choice of mobile and music devices, and you’re set to listen to the New Testament.

Get the LEB Audio New Testament for $7.00!


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