Get 20 Free Books by R.C. Sproul!


Right now, you can get R.C. Sproul’s 20-volume Crucial Questions series for free!

Logos Bible Software has partnered with Ligonier Ministries to help the church answer some of the biggest questions people ask about Christianity. Sproul, Ligonier Ministries’ founder, has taught countless classes and seminars and written over 70 books. Now he’s offering you 20 of them for free. The Crucial Questions Series explores essential Christian theology to help you arrive at a modern, biblical understanding of some of life’s toughest questions—questions that lie at the foundation of the Christian faith. Sproul gives you the tools to address them head-on, equipping you with a biblical perspective and sound doctrine. And these tools are free of charge, because every Christian should have them.

Each of these 20 books addresses a different question that both Christians and non-Christians ask about Christianity. You’ll get books like Does Prayer Change Things?, Does God Control Everything?, What Is the Trinity?, and How Can I Develop a Christian Conscience?

When you download these books with Logos, free means more. These 20 volumes automatically integrate with your entire Logos library, helping you find answers when you need them. Using the Topic Guide, you can pull Sproul’s answers up side by side with parallel commentaries, maintaining the essential balance between the in-depth exploration of Scripture and the practical presentation of its truths.

Start answering these crucial questions for yourself. Start sharing what you learn. When you can get all these books for free, “I don’t know” doesn’t need to be the end of the conversation anymore.

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