Free Book: Study Psalms with Walter Brueggemann

FBOTM_SocialShare_400x400-300x300Walter Brueggemann is one of the world’s foremost theologians and OT scholars—and, for just a few more days, we’re giving you one of his books for free! Get your free copy of Spirituality of the Psalms today.

Don’t wait, though—this offer expires at the end of the month!

If you’ve ever thought that someday you’d like to get into serious Bible scholarship, why not do it now, while it’s free? If you’re an accomplished scholar, why would you ever pass up this kind of offer? It’s time to start learning from Brueggemann’s wisdom.

Spirituality of the Psalms explores 1.) the genres of the Psalms and 2.) how genre affects their function. Using a model of “orientation / disorientation / new orientation,” Brueggemann helps you relate the Psalms to the ever-changing seasons of life.

Brueggemann has written more than 50 books, hundreds of articles, and several biblical commentaries. After you download your free book, be sure to enter to win the entire Walter Brueggemann Collection—you could take home all 24 volumes for free. That’s a $399 value!

Then get another book for just a dollar

After you download Spirituality of the Psalmsadd David’s Truth: In Israel’s Imagination and Memory for just 99¢! In this completely revised edition, Walter Brueggemann examines four different sets of David narratives, each of which reflects a particular social context, social hope, and community.

Whether you’re already a scholar or you’re considering serious Bible study for the first time, these two books make a great addition to your digital library.

Download Spirituality of the Psalms right now, and then add David’s Truth for just 99¢!


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