Celebrate Charles Spurgeon with $100 in Savings

SpurgeonOne hundred eighty years ago today, one of the nineteenth century’s greatest preachers was born. Charles Haddon Spurgeon made waves as a preacher, and his words of wisdom still encourage believers today. Celebrate his legacy with $100.00 off his collected works!

‘I have turned to Charles Spurgeon in these days for help, and I have not been disappointed. . . . I think the word “indefatigable” was created for people like Charles Spurgeon.’
John Piper

Spurgeon’s legacy has reached far beyond the expectations of his early critics. His powerful voice and captivating insight earned him the nickname “Prince of Preachers,” and he’s had a tremendous influence on many of today’s most renowned pastors and biblical teachers.

‘The greatest Bible preacher outside of Scripture.’
—Mark Driscoll

A preacher from the past, Bible study tools for the present

charles-spurgeon-collectionWhen you add Spurgeon’s works to your library, Logos Bible Software helps you get more out of his wisdom. All his sermons and writings become fully searchable: as you’re studying a topic or passage, you can instantly pull up Spurgeon’s thoughts. Plus, with Logos’ free mobile apps, your entire library goes where you go. Whether you’re a pastor, a teacher, or just interested in growing in your personal Bible study, Spurgeon’s works are a must-have.

‘Charles Haddon Spurgeon is one of evangelical Christianity’s immortals.’
Carl F.H. Henry

The Charles Spurgeon Collection gives you Spurgeon’s most famous works, including The Treasury of David and The Sword and the Trowel, as well as sermons and expositions from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21. No matter what you’re studying in Scripture, you’ll always find relevant insights. And, right now, you can get the collection for $100.00 off!

‘There was no voice in the Victorian pulpit as resonant, no preacher as beloved by the people, no orator as prodigious as Charles Haddon Spurgeon.’
Hughes Oliphant Old

Enrich your library with the wisdom of the Prince of Preachers: get $100.00 off the Charles Spurgeon Collection today.


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    I have been reading and pen and ink outlining/summarizing Spurgeon's sermons since 1984. I am 76 now and have completed 5 of the 8 volumes of his Treasury of the Bible. What a blessing! I just wonder what will become of my outlines and Scripture reference annotated Spurgeon volumes when I am called Home.

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