Stay ahead of the Curve with Faithlife Beta

Faithlife Groups is constantly improving. It’s our mission to provide you with the best church-communication tool possible. We listen to our users, and we’re always imagining the future of communication.

One way we push the envelope is with our Faithlife Beta group. Here, you can interact and experiment with new features—before they go live across all groups. If you want to test new features and play an active role in enhancing church communication, the Faithlife Beta group is the place for you. The more voices we hear, the better our understanding of what you, the users, want to see.

Join the Faithlife Beta group today to see what’s coming next—and to help us help you. We want your experience with Faithlife to be the best it can be, and to do that, we want your feedback on new features.

The more people we have in the Faithlife Beta group, the better we can see how well new features are working, and the faster we can get them ready to implement in the groups you use all the time. Right now we’re testing out Faithlife photos, giving you the ability to share private photos with your church or small group without showing your personal life to the whole world.

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See Faithlife photos first in the beta group. Join today, and help shape the future of church communication.


  1. BrendaRM says

    Hi, I am interested in joining the Faithlife beta group, and I am wondering if this group is only for those able to be present and active at the physical church site, or for anyone wanting to take part, but who is not able to be present other than via online study and participation. Thank you!



    • Ryan Nelson says

      Hi Brenda,

      The Faithlife Beta group is actually entirely online, so if you join the group using the links in the blog post, and try things out in the group, you’ll be doing everything we need people to help with!



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