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BSM may juneFor over five years, Bible Study Magazine has been encouraging individual relationships with God by equipping personal Bible study. Every issue features articles and interviews with biblical scholars and pastors, like John PiperN. T. Wright, and Josh McDowell. You’ll also get Bible study tips and tools, ongoing devotionals, reading plans, and topical studies. To top it off, each issue gives you Hebrew and Greek word studies, info on historical and archaeological findings related to Scripture, wisdom from the Church Fathers, reviews of recently published books and commentaries, and infographics that show you the Bible’s world.

Simply put, Bible Study Magazine brings you closer to God’s Word.

Subscribe to Bible Study Magazine now and you’ll receive our May and June issue, which features the views of Kevin DeYoung (member of The Gospel Coalition and pastor at University Reformed Church) on the foundations of Bible study in our lives. DeYoung encourages us to guard our rest and daily time in God’s Word in the midst of our busy schedules, saying “Bible study isn’t just a vocational responsibility; it’s a necessity we have as Christians, and it’s what we need today in order to know God better.” He also discusses Scripture memorization and the process of learning to love Scripture.

You’ll also get details from the recent archaeological discovery of the first-century Magdala synagogue. Synagogues were the primary venue for Jesus’ ministry (John 18:20); the article discusses Jesus as a teacher, treating the historical purposes of such synagogues and providing both images of the Magdala synagogue and an immensely helpful infographic to simplify the learning.

Bible Study Magazine gives you all this and more. Subscribe now for only $19.95—33% off the cover price—and you’ll receive a full year of issues, including our detailed May–June issue!

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