3 Ways to Improve Your Book Group

vyrsoIf you already have a Christian book group, or you’ve thought about starting one with your friends, you might want to consider Vyrso. Vyrso is constantly providing the best deals on Christian ebooks—with tons of freebies, and deals starting as low as 99 cents. But reading with Vyrso is about more than just getting the best deal on your books.

1. Catch up on your reading from anywhere

With Vyrso, you can read your books wherever you are—whether you’re at home, waiting to pick up your kids, or standing in line at the grocery store. There’s no need to worry if you fall behind on your reading plan, because you can catch up anytime. The Vyrso app works on iOS and Android devices, so your smartphone or tablet can quickly become a library full of your favorite books. The app integrates with both Logos Bible Software and Faithlife—it’s one of the many places where the world’s leading Bible software and your faith community meet.

2. Stay in touch with Community Notes

When you download the Vyrso app, it syncs with your Faithlife account and displays your groups’ daily readings right on the homepage. Not only that, but you can read and write Community Notes within the Vyrso app, and you can choose which groups you want to share those notes with, creating a more interactive experience.


Whether your book group meets every day or once a month, Vyrso and Faithlife work together to keep your group connected. With Community Notes, you can finally have a practical book group with friends who live far away. Don’t lose momentum. Share thoughts with your group right as you have them, and use your friends’ notes to get more out of your books and take your personal devotions further. Read with the collective wisdom of your whole book group.

3. Go deeper—instantly

Christian authors constantly refer to Scripture, but with Vyrso, you don’t have to pull out a Bible—it’s already right there with you. Vyrso turns references to Scripture links that take you directly to the referenced passage. Whether you’re reading print or ebooks, these references can often feel overwhelming and make reading feel like a lot more work than it should be. Vyrso does part of the work for you, so you’re free to effortlessly follow the author’s leadings and take your conversations further with your friends.


When you combine the community of Faithlife, functionality of Logos Bible Software, and the accessibility of Vyrso, there’s no better way to read books together. Download the Vyrso app today, get some free books, find your favorites, and start reading together.

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