10 Powerful Quotes about Faith

We’ve compiled 10 quotes on faith to give you a quick source of inspiration. Pick your favorites, then share them with your friends and loved ones for a dose of encouragement.


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“Faith does not eliminate questions. But faith knows where to take them.” —Elisabeth Elliot


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“Worrying is arrogant because God knows what He’s doing.” —Barbara Cameron


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“He said, ‘Love . . . as I have loved you.’ We cannot love too much.” —Amy Carmichael


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“We never grow closer to God when we just live life. It takes deliberate pursuit and attentiveness.” —Francis Chan  


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“Always, everywhere God is present, and always He seeks to discover Himself to each one.” —A.W. Tozer


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“Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strengths.” —Charles H. Spurgeon


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“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” —A.W. Tozer


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“God never hurries. There are no deadlines against which he must work. Only to know this is to quiet our spirits and relax our nerves.” —A.W. Tozer


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“Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free and realising you were the prisoner!” —Max Lucado

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“God’s definition of what matters is pretty straightforward. He measures our lives by how we love.” —Francis Chan


  1. Tochia B Lawson says:


  2. Apollos Kindle says:

    These Quotes are worth memorizing, internalizing so that you can store them in your heart

  3. Wonderful words of encouragement for us as we walk with Him and for Him in this world

  4. Wonderful words – reading these words with 1st cup of coffee and being thankful for God's grace and mercy is a great start to the day.

  5. Good stuff!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very inspiring, thanks!

  7. PastorWillie Sublet says:

    Sounds like a God's servants to me. Praises be to the living God. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for compiling this collection. Can we expect to see more on other themes? This is a wonderful service to the Church!

  9. Thanks, I really appreciate those inspiration quotes. God's Love

  10. Absolutely thought provoking…Thank you

  11. This was a great way to start my day and focus myself on what's really important! The words of encouragement are really appreciated! May God bless! Much love!

  12. I'm working on a few of these quotes , so I can strengthen my faith.

  13. Darleene says:

    I appreciate this so much thanks!

  14. Thank you. Very uplifting after yesterday's attack at work.

  15. Anonymous says:

    These are so simple yet so powerful

  16. Tweeted several to encourage #PrayCareShare lifestylers @MakeLoveYourAim …help us connect to Jesus followers here > #LOVE2020

  17. These were such a blessing to me. As usual, God engineered it so that I read these right when I needed them!

  18. Caleb Pahl says:

    Thank you for these quotes! i am definitely going to share them on facebook!

  19. These quotes are fine, but, the words of God are greater! His words should be memorized and written on your heart and thought on daily.

  20. Jill Feldman says:

    Very true, hiding God's Word in our hearts is His desire… at the same time, I appreciate the above interpretations .

  21. I know God is real and I love him and I think him is the day that I wake up in the morning I said I think you lost everything I have I love you going I think this would be his name the guys of all old Lord my God your mind and I’m yours but Cabretto soup is not for you I will have nothing thank you oh my Lord My life is yours to please you Kokio my father created all things this could be your new come to Yoloy (open heart open my own food addictions here goes to see you soon I see everything okay. Call Lord my God I thank In the name of the father the garlic create thing I love you thank you for everything list to be your name to sweat I say every day to my father make sure acknowledge him every day and every night

  22. More please!

  23. The more we let God take over live the move better obviously be the more we show him that we love him the more he show astilbe you love us I believe in God the father and he believes in me he created me in his image therefore I was shy he loves me as he loves the World he sent his son to save us and now we know we have to save ourselves he takes two steps we take two steps he want us to realize that we are not alone that he’s biocide now and forever son died for us and so we have a new Clean pass future present he wanted us to realize that we need to love each other as he loved us

  24. Thank you my dearly beloved cousin! These words I will treasure an spread around with great joy! I heard about jimbo coming an i plan to be there an bring something delicious! Cuz D Sue

  25. word of wisdom that transform life.

  26. I want to read those every day. Thanks !

  27. Thank you so much for these word. They will be so helpful to me and others…

  28. Erasmus Paul says:

    Bless be unto the name of the Lord for these inspirations.
    Folks, God will reward each one of you for these creative words.
    They blessed my soul here in the Middle East.
    Erasmus Paul

  29. The nature of storms is, that they pass

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