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Use the new “Join my group” plugin to connect your church’s website and, so that when someone asks you for instructions on joining your church’s Faithlife group, you can say, “It’s on the website.”

Click the new “Plugins” item on the menu, or visit This is the first of several helpful plugins we have planned, so be on the lookout for more soon. When you click through to the “Join my group” plugin page, you’re only three easy steps from having a “Join” button on your website.


Step 1: Search for and select your group.

Use the search box to find the group you’d like to link to. If you have multiple groups associated with your church (one for each small group, for example), you may like to place multiple plugins on your church website, perhaps setting aside a special page to serve as a catalog of your church’s groups.

Step 2: Choose from three display options.

Once you’ve selected a group from the search box and drop-down menu, you’ll be presented with three different button sizes—small, medium, and large. The small and medium buttons also include a drop-down menu with options for changing your group status. Select the size you prefer, and you’ll get a preview of the button and the code you need to place it on your website.


You’ll notice that the button changes based on your group’s status. Any website visitor who is not a member of your group will see “Join,” but the button will display differently for website visitors who are already members. You can see an example of this below.


Step 3: Copy and paste two code snippets to your website.

The final step is to copy two small lines of code into your website. One—beginning with “<script”—goes in the body; the other—beginning with “<p”—indicates exactly where you’d like the plugin to reside.

Make it easier for church members to connect with one another on

Place the “Join my group” plugin on your church’s website today.


  1. Terry Fitzgerald says

    An interesting way to form links in your community and also reach out to others who may be interested an who, perhaps are kindred spirits …

  2. Byron Zelenak says

    I’m not sure what I need to specifically do with Step 3. Where do I paste it on the website? I am not able to paste the snippets anywhere. I’m not terribly savvy with this type of thing so I probably need an illustration of where the of my HTML file is.

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