4 February Deals on Logos.com


At any given moment, there are hundreds of books on sale at Logos.com, most of which can be enjoyed in your free Faithlife Study Bible app. Here are four that were too good to go unmentioned.

believers-study-bibleThe Believer’s Study Bible—on sale for $23.95

The BSB made our list of best study Bibles a couple months ago. It showcases the fundamental Baptist tradition that undergirds mainstream evangelicalism. W. A. Criswell, two-term elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention, served as editor, leading a team of scholars that included Paige Patterson, Daniel Akin, Dorothy Patterson, and Ray Clendenen. The BSB is a reliable study aid sure to add clarity to each passage you’re reading.

Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary—on sale for $22.95nelsons-new-illustrated-bible-dictionary

The Faithlife Study Bible adds links to the study resources you own in line with the text, so when you add topical resources like this illustrated Bible dictionary, your FSB will integrate its content into your FSB study notes. In this case, that means you’ll get an additional 7,000 encyclopedic entries on scriptural topics.

The Practice of Godliness—on sale for $10.95the-practice-of-godliness

Jerry Bridges explains what it means to become more like God. In this book, you’ll get a roadmap for spiritual growth. Bridges offers unique insights into the way character formation affects our relationships—both with God and with others. This book has served as an important starting point for the spiritual growth of many believers, and will no doubt affect you profoundly.

A Contemporary Anabaptist Theology—on sale for $24.95a-contemporary-anabaptist-theology

The Anabaptist tradition is rich and exotic. It broke away from the mainstream Protestant traditions during the Reformation, and launched what many consider to be the first missionary effort of the modern era. Several existing denominational bodies trace their roots to Anabaptist heritage. This handbook outlines the development of Anabaptist thought, summarizes their history, and explains the theological framework around which the Anabaptist tradition was built.

All four of these books are on sale at Logos.com through the end of the month. Download them today, and you can enjoy them right away in your Faithlife Study Bible app.

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