45 Topical Bible Reading Plans

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetThe Bible is a big book. So big that fully understanding it remains a lifelong goal. Rather than trying to read it through in a few sittings, like most of us do with many smaller books, many people instead read a small amount every day.

The slow-and-steady approach has a lot of benefits, and one major challenge—knowing what to read in what order. Enter: Faithlife reading plans.

A reading plan organizes your daily reading around a theme, so you can quickly get an overview of what Scripture says about a given topic without investing any time searching. We have a huge variety to choose from—57 unique plans to be exact.

Some are seasonal, five of them are geared for more advanced study, and these 45 are based on a variety of topics:

10 Days on Discipleship
14 Days on Sin
10 Days on Worry
14 Kinds of Psalms
14 Days on Generosity
10 Days on Baptism
14 Days on Doubt
14 Days on Humility
14 Days on Glory
14 Days on Work
6 Days on Light
14 Days on the Kingdom of God
10 Days on Freedom
21 Days on Prayer
21 Days on Faith
10 Days on the Second Coming
10 Days on Friendship
7 Days on Forgiveness
21 Days on Government and Citizenship
14 Days on Holiness
14 Days on Grace
10 Days on Lust
14 Days on Grief
5 Days on Spiritual Growth
10 Days on Wisdom
10 Days on Patience
14 Days on Prophecy
14 Days on Speech
10 Days on Suffering
7 Days on Fasting
14 Days on Justice
30 Days on Money
14 Days on Pride
10 Days on Truth
14 Days on the Holy Spirit
10 Days on Encouragement
14 Days on Worship
30 Days on Marriage
7 Days on Perseverance
10 Days on Guilt
14 Days on the Poor
14 Days on Hope
10 Days on Hospitality
21 Days on Love
7 Days on Covenant

Now is a perfect time to launch a new study. Start a new reading plan from the homepage of your Faithlife Study Bible. Tap the plus sign, select Bible Reading Plan, choose to read privately or with a Faithlife group, and then select one of our done-for-you reading plans.


Which of the topical plans resonates with your life right now? Tell us in the comments.


  1. says

    If I wanted to work with a group gathered together, instead of doing everything online, is there a way to be able to print off all the selections for a given topic so people could actually read a physical copy versus electronic? Thanks for any help you can offer.

  2. Alyssa Hunt says

    I'm going to work the 30 days on marriage beginning September 1- but I need to pick one for now. At least the next 16 days!

  3. Awuah Akwasi says

    i will like to know more, about faith, wisdom and humility. thank you for your good work love you brethren.

  4. Freddie Kinsler says

    When starting a Bible Reading plan one need only look to Logos6! It is awesome and filled with great data sets if one gets Gold you get all data sets too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Hope we will see a Logos SEVEn ?

  5. Nicholas Kimuyu says

    I am greatful for this Bible Study which I believe will change my life. Thank you for the good work that you are doing to see nations and the world at large coming to the knowledge of Christ. Blessing

  6. says

    I luv the kind of work you are doing, spreading the fragrance of the gospel, ad the knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ 2 as many p’ple as u can reach in the whole world. May the Almighty God bless you, ad equip u more with His wisdom ad understanding. I love you guys.

    • pastor Bepa Pierre says

      I am glad to have a good plan of bible reading and topics that can help me grow. I will like to follow all the plan thanks

  7. says

    Thank you I must start a reading plan the bible is a wonderful book to read it teach you so much sometimes I do fine if hard to understand it but I will not give up on reading it

  8. Revd Ekene says

    I need to have all please, I will now start studying. At present I need discipleship. Thank you. I am a Preacher, having all will help us, please


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