500 Book Mega Pack—Too Good to Last

500-book-mega-packEvery year, Logos.com runs an epic Christmas sale, offering study resources at huge discounts not available any other time of the year. The Christmas sale has offered exceptional deals and specials over the years, but nothing has come close to this year’s surprise addition—the 500 Book Mega Pack.

There are many books in this collection that will enhance your studies and round our your library. Here are some of the highlights you’ll get:

These are just a sample of the important titles included in the 500 Book Mega Pack.

If you’ve considered buying Logos 5 and are waiting for a good deal to come along, this is it. This is the biggest discount we’ve offered—ever. Start by using coupon code L5CHRISTMAS to get 15% off a Logos 5 base package, and add these 500 classic titles, compiled into a single limited-time offering for more than 96% off.

But you need to act right now! This deal expires at midnight on December 31. After that, the Mega Pack will disappear forever. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a huge library of digitally networked Bible study resources in a single pass. Get yours now!

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