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October’s free book is A. T. Robertson’s Paul, the Interpreter of Christ. Robertson grew up during the Civil War, and taught as a professor of New Testament interpretation until 1934. He wrote broadly during his lifetime, but paid special attention to the life and letters of Paul. This title examines how Paul understood and wrote about the life of Christ. You can download it right now for free, and read it using your Faithlife app—these books aren’t just for Logos 5.

After you download your free book, it only takes an extra moment to enter for your chance to win a much larger collection of resources. This month, you could win the A. T. Robertson Collection (15 vols.), which contains all of his writings on Paul’s life, several commentaries, and many of Robertson’s lectures and speeches. Just like all our giveaways, you can tweet, post, and share with your friends to increase your chances of winning.

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A quick recap

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