Over 40% of Americans Search the Bible Online


A recently released survey from the American Bible Society revealed some interesting results about electronic Bible usage.

Of Americans who read their Bible on a regular basis:

  • 41% use the Internet to find Bible content
  • 29% use their smartphone or cell phone to search for Bible content
  • 17% read an electronic version of the Bible on an ereader

Luckily, whichever method you choose, we’ve got you covered. The Faithlife Study Bible is available for free both in your favorite app store and at Bible.Faithlife.com, so you can access its powerful study notes and rich multimedia no matter which device you prefer.

We’d like to know if these numbers prove true among our blog readership, so tell us in comments: do you read your Bible mostly on your phone or in a browser?


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    Yeah! it is true that many of people who have the access of internet use the online sites of bible study and search about the content of bible. its very nice opportunity for the people who really want to read bible.

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