Save $10 when you add the ESV Study Notes to your FSB

esvstudybibleYou just got the ESV free; now save on its accompanying study notes. Use coupon code ESVFAITHLIFE before September 12 to save $10 on the ESV Study Bible Notes.

Bible study can be daunting—2,000 pages of text written thousands of years ago, filled with foreign words and phrases, complicated names, prophecies, parables, and more. Scripture provides plenty of challenges on its own.

Fortunately, we can call on countless commentaries, journals, essays, and study guides written by theological experts that help us see the Bible for what it really is—an epic story of God’s love for us.

The ESV Study Bible Notes will help you move beyond a surface-reading of the Bible to experience the full weight of God’s Word. With 20,000 notes written specifically to complement the ESV translation, as well as full-color maps, biblical story lines, and dozens of topical articles, you’ll unlock the Bible’s meaning in ways you never imagined.

Bring this powerful resource with you everywhere. Once you download the ESV Study Bible Notes, you can access it not only on your computer, but through the Faithlife Study Bible app on your mobile device. You can read, take notes, and expand your biblical knowledge while you’re waiting for the bus or drinking your daily coffee.

Get the ESV Study Bible Notes with coupon code ESVFAITHLIFE for just $29.95 today!


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