What I Learned about Sin from Benjamin Franklin

Sin is not harmful because it’s forbidden. It’s forbidden because it’s harmful.
—Benjamin Franklin

benjamin-franklinGod wants you to enjoy your life, so he has pointed out things around you that will harm you. He’s called these things sin. Avoid them and you can avoid lots of pain and hardship.

Unfortunately, Satan works hard to convince us that that’s not true. Just as with Eve in the garden of Eden, Satan tries to get us to believe that, for some reason, God wants to keep us from the most enjoyable things on earth.

Who will you believe?

Of course, the choice never seems that simple. Satan, a master of deception, always clouds the issue. That’s why it’s important for us to saturate ourselves with the truth of Scripture. In the past, this was much harder than it is today.

Technology like the Faithlife app puts not only the Scripture itself but also a huge collection of study resources at your fingertips, all the time. Take a minute today to read through Romans 6. Tune in to the voice of God, and drown out the confusion.

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