3 Tools Every Serious Bible Scholar Should Have

The Faithlife Study Bible offers free mobile resources that help you understand the Bible, but if you want to do more detailed study, look no further than Logos 5.

Clause Search connects pronouns and phrases with the people and things they refer to. You can find what you’re looking for across translations and languages.

When you study the Bible in English alone, you inevitably miss some details. The original languages offer rich nuance that even the best translations fail to fully represent. Luckily, with the Exegetical Guide, you can read the Bible for its intended meaning—without learning Greek or Hebrew.

One of Logos 5’s most talked-about features gives you an overview of the entire biblical story. Understand context and accurately interpret Scripture with Timeline.

Get these three tools and many more when you upgrade to Logos 5. You’ll get your biggest discount when you upgrade using the Custom Upgrade Discount Calculator. Act now to take advantage of the best discounts of the year!


  1. Johnny C. Sullivan says

    I have never used Logo's but have heard about it. I actually use Bible Gateway which is also a very good tool. It is quite complicated but it has over 200 languages in the program available for real comprehensive study. I have mine set up for English, Latin, Greek, Hebrew & German probably the most common and oldest Bible languages. I would be interested in looking at Logos some time also though.

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